What Email Spam Is and How To Protect Your Mailbox

Many people think that spam is not dangerous for both private users and organizations. It would seem that harmless mailing has become so firmly established in our life that we are already used to it and do not pay much attention. Really, what can be really harmful? Annoying – yes, but still not keeping anything except for the loss of time. Unfortunately, all these ideas about spam are not true. Spam is quite an insidious phenomenon and its danger is often underestimated. Spam is the mass mailing of information or advertising messages to email users, sent against their will to receive these messages.

The first and the most obvious of the threats caused by spam is a waste of time that every user needs to spend searching for the needed information, filtering messages among tons of unwanted emails. Everybody knows that finding a letter from your colleague in a full mailbox is much more difficult than in a clean inbox.

The second threat lies in the content of junk emails. Unfortunately, not all of them contain just advertisements – some of them are accompanied by much less harmless attachments that can infect your computer and even endanger the information that you have on your devices. Many emails contain links to infected pages, and the user risks downloading an infected attachment to his computer, by clicking on this link. Spammers have a lot of tricks and one of them is to disguise their mailings as letters from well-known online services.

Scammers often try to lure money from naive users through junk. Usually they send out fake information that you won the lottery, received an inheritance, etc. Phishing is such kind of spam, when the scammers try to deceive you of your personal data or the data of your banking cards. Typically, such letters are masked by official requests from site administrations, municipal services, etc. In the email you may be asked to confirm your personal information which you are not allowed to do if you do not want to get into real trouble.

If you want to know how to block emails that can be harmful and dangerous, you have to follow a few simple rules. It will not give you 100% guarantee, you still need to be attentive and careful, though these tips will help you a lot.

  1. As soon as you notice the junk email in your inbox, mark it as spam. The filters in the email providers do their best to prevent junk from getting into your inbox but you can improve it by yourself too.
  2. Do not leave your personal information on suspicious websites and without a real need.
  3. For temporary registration on some websites, it is better to create a temporary email address and use it for certain purposes.
  4. Never reply to junk messages and especially do not click the links which they have inside.
  5. Use email management software that can apply automatic actions to your incoming messages according to your own rules. These tools can not only help you keep your mailbox under control, but also become more productive at work as you spend less time deleting junk messages manually.

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