What features in design can ruin your website?

A good website is essential as it is the base of running a business or an organization. You can build an effective one with exciting and fresh content, good user experience; result-oriented, and is a promising one. You need to take the utmost consideration in designing it.  At the same time, you also need to take care of what factors or features can let down your webpage.  website builders will help you to design a website like a pro.

If your website is unattractive, less user-friendly or not up-to-date, then there are fewer chances of being ranked on top of Google. In this internet age, everybody makes their presence online. You will need to have good internet knowledge and business skills in this competitive market. Try creating a great impression on your potential customers by satisfying them in all possible ways.

What features you must avoid?

To make beautiful and flashy visual features may give an appealing look. It may be tempting to implement such new features, but you may not provide a quality service to your customers, such as in navigating them. Listed below are few pointers which are recommended to avoid.

  • Call to action button – Imagine when you land on a webpage, and you are clueless on what to do next. Your design has not given any clear directions for users’ whether to click or to scroll the page.  Avoid such a feature and try to fix it immediately. Your focus should be more on how you can keep your audience connected and move forward for conversions. Boldface font may properly guide your users to the desired content. 
  • Designs based on screen size – Lot of people use different devices for browsing. Many web designers fail to meet this requirement. The images changes based on screen resolution. So do not annoy your users with the unusual appearance of text or visuals. You will need to have a responsive web design which can be adjusted based on various screen resolutions.
  • Autoplay video – As a user when you are browsing on a page, and then you get to hear somewhere, some video is running simultaneously. This is annoying as you are in the middle of some searching process. The video should not be played until and unless your customer pleases and hits the play button. You should not force-feed your customers to play the video, although it is a helpful and powerful tool.
  • Uninvited pop-ups – Pop-ups are helpful, indeed when your visitors needed some help. But when it keeps frequently appearing despite repeatedly hitting the close button, your visitors will get frustrated. It is more annoying when you don’t even get to complete reading a sentence, and the screen gets covered with an unwanted pop-up.
  • Video background – Few websites think it is a good idea to have a video auto-playing in the background. But unfortunately, your visitors will be easily distracted from the main focus. They will move away from your call of action. So it is best to avoid such a feature. 
  • Drop-down menus – If you have a drop-down feature in the menu, you can keep it in the sidebars, so your customers will know where they are on the page. Avoid implementing drop-down menu that disappears as it is the worst feature one can even think of in a website. 
  • Large images –Images are vital from a professional aspect on a website. You can avoid large size images as it will impact in loading the page. You can also avoid keeping sliding images. Slow loading page will hamper and will also drive your visitors away. 
  • Interactions – While you are reading or scrolling the webpage, suddenly you are prompted for an advertisement, graphic, video, or email form. These not only distract your visitors but also they are forced and bound to answer. Avoid such design as it is a significant issue interrupting and triggering user in the middle of some engagement.
  • Auto start audio – Along with the video if the audio starts playing loudly is more annoying. Imagine if you happen to click on some video by mistake not aware of what the content is, the audio comes with a full blast disturbing other people as well. You can implement subtitles and by default, switch off the sound in your video to avoid disrupting the user experience.
  • Scroll feature – It is best to avoid continuous scrolling feature which is present in social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and so on. Long, endless scrolling will frustrate your customers as they will never reach the end of the page. In the process, you will lose some vital news feed which usually appears at the bottom of the page. 
  • Chatbots messages – This feature is mostly available on all websites. You should take care of the usage. If you leave a robotic message, then your visitors might be unhappy. You should ensure that it works out in a helpful, intuitive, and personal manner.
  • Numerous action buttons – Avoid providing your visitors with too many calls to action. These will confuse your customers on where and when to click on the Next button. You can instead guide your user when the first action call disappears or is frozen in the screen.  
  • Too much text – Avoid giving too many content and pages as it wouldn’t be unusual to sit and read for long. A website should not look like a newspaper. People dislike reading content for long. Most people read only the header and move forward. So your focus and aim to convey messages should be very clear either in image, video, or graphics forms. Concise your text to give a professional look.
  • Disorganized and cluttered layout – Avoid using unwanted images and text as that will give a cluttered look in your website. It will distract your customers, and your website will also not deliver the appropriate message. You can use whitespace or a simple layout to get your job done. 

Lastly, you can always avoid such mistakes in ruining your website. If you are a new entrepreneur, you can seek or hire a seasoned professional from the web design company New York city.