What is the Canada PR Requirement from India?

If you are an Indian citizen seeking Canadian permanent residency, you first need to meet the Canada PR requirement from India. 

Canada is well known for its points-based immigration system, known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). 

Immigrating to Canada from India on a “PR” status majorly requires you to meet the eligibility criteria, fulfill the Canada PR requirement from India, and pay the mandated fees.

Let us go over a detailed breakdown of the,

Canada’s PR requirement from India


There is no specific bar for age whatsoever. In most Canadian economic immigration programs, applicants between the ages of 18 and 35 receive the maximum points in CRS Calculator for Canada. Every year after 35, you will lose 1 point until you reach 47 years of age – at which point you will receive no points.  


Your education credentials in India must not be less than the equivalent of a Canadian Secondary School qualification. Education can count up to 200 points if you have studied exclusively outside of Canada. Make it +50 if you have a post-secondary credential from within Canada. You can complete another degree or obtain additional credentials – or get ECA redone for your already existing education credentials. 


You must have language proficiency in at least one of Canada’s two primary languages – English and French. If you have skills in both – Excellent! Language ability is split into four categories: Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing. Points are based on the Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) – with CLB 4 or less being awarded 0 points and CLB 10 the maximum points in the CRS Calculator for Canada. 

Work Experience 

You are required to have documented work experience of at least 1 year of full-time (30 Hrs. per week for 12 months). Like education, the higher your work experience, the more points you will receive in the CRS. Having Canadian work experience is better – as it grants you additional points, and subsequently increases your chances of getting Canada PR. 


Like we said above, having Canadian work experience is gold! A maximum of 10 points can be earned in the adaptability factor. Canadian work experience for 1 year, and Canadian education for 2 years – can help you add 5 extra points to your CRS. 

Canada PR requirement from India: Documents

  1. Passport.
  2. Education Credential Assessment (ECA) Report. 
  3. Proof Of Funds.
  4. Language Test Results.
  5. Offer Letter from A Canadian Employer (if applicable).
  6. Provincial Nomination (if applicable).
  7. Marriage Certificates (if applicable).
  8. Personal Reference Code.
  9. Express Entry Profile Number.
  10. Job Seeker Validation Code (if applicable).
  11. Medical Report.
  12. Police Verification Report. 
  13. Birth Certificate.
  14. Photographs.

Canada PR requirement from India: Fees

The data below explains the costs for a Canada PR visa in Indian rupees and Canadian dollars. Because of the volatility in currency values, the Canadian immigration costs in Indian rupees vary. The following cost to immigrate to Canada from India, on the other hand, has remained quite steady.

  1. Application Fees for Canada PR – CAD$825 (INR 49,500)
  2. For a secondary application (which can be your spouse’s), the fees remain the same – CAD$825 (INR 49,500)
  3. For Each dependent child, the fee is (below 22 Years) – CAD$225 per child (INR 13,500)
  4. Right of Permanent Residence Fees – RPRF (Landing Fees), per adult – CAD$500 (INR 30,000)
  5. Right of Permanent Residence Fees – RPRF (Landing Fees), per child – NIL (NIL)

NOTE: There are other charges that must be paid as a Canada PR requirement from India – apart from the above-mentioned fees.

Let us now go through the top 3 pathways to secure a Canadian PR from India in 2022.

Top 3 easiest ways to get Canada PR from India

1. Express Entry System

Launched back in 2015, Canada’s Express Entry system was designed to help skilled overseas workers who wish to immigrate to Canada. Immigrating through the Express Entry does not require a job offer. It can take anywhere between 6 and 8 months to process an application for Canada PR under Express Entry’s economic immigration programs. 

2. Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs) attract skilled and unskilled workers to fill in the labor market shortages in a Canadian province. If your occupation is mentioned in the province’s in-demand list – you will be prioritized to apply for a Canada PR under the PNP. Interestingly enough, being nominated from a province automatically adds 600 points to the CRS Calculator for Canada.

3. Family Sponsorship 

Canadian permanent residents and citizens of Canada over the age of 18 can sponsor a spouse, common-law partner, a relative, or a dependent to live and work in Canada under this program. If you have met the eligibility, and have the documents required for spouse visa Canada, or any other subcategory – you can expect a processing time between 12-36 months. 

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