What is the Truth about Non-duality?

When you talk about non-duality, it is a specific philosophy related to Eastern religion and philosophy. It is a concept that privileges the mental over the physical. The concept claims that the only truth and ultimate reality is consciousness.

It states that everything else, encompassing the physical world, is derived from consciousness. Non duality believes in Brahman, and you are the Brahman in this concept. Everything in this universe, whether a plant, a thing, a being, or an event, is a part of oneness.

Non-duality: In a Literal Sense

In a literal sense, non-dualism is a term that stems from Sanskrit, and it means not two. It makes it clear that your perception that you are different from others is nothing but a delusion. Nobody is different, but everyone is in the one.

Though this concept of non-duality has emerged from the teachings of Advaita Vedanta and Saiva Non-dualism, you can also find this concept in spiritual traditions around the globe. You can spot this concept in areas like Western Christian and neo-Platonic societies, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

Nobody is Separate

The concept of Advaita strongly believes that there are no two. Everyone is a whole. Everyone is united, and there are no separations. It may look like you are different than others or other people are not like you, but everyone is a part of oneness.

This non-dualism is the way of living your life. In this life, you feel that you are linked to everyone and everything surrounding you at every moment. It is not only an attitude or an experience but a manner of being in the world. Whether you believe it or not, but it is what it is.


Non-duality stresses the idea that you have the power and everything within you, but you lack the awareness. Everything around you is a component of you. And you’re a part of everything in this universe.

When you realise your power, you will take a step towards awakening. You can be aware of the real truths of the universe that lie in the oneness of everything. The external world is all a part of your internal universe.

You may think that you know who you are, but you are far from the truth in reality. You have no idea who you are unless you achieve enlightenment. If you think you are a teacher, a businessman, an engineer, a dancer, or so on, you are wrong. You are the Brahman, the being that has all the power within.

The point is you are not aware of the wholeness of the world and the oneness that Advaita speaks of. The more you are closer to realising that nobody is different and everyone is a whole one, the sooner you would achieve that self-enlightenment, the ultimate truth of life.

The issue with self-awareness is a general one: the ‘self’ you are aware of might not be acceptable to you. It is probable to be an extremely unsatisfactory self. If you assume yourself to be your body, mind, feelings, or ego, you unavoidably experience a sense of restraint because all these components are restricted by their nature.

The truth is you are far more than you ever dared to think about. You are unaware that you are already whole and comprehensive, and your sense of restrictions comes from identifying with what you are not.

With awareness, instead of depending on external things like situations, people, and attainments to bring brief moments of happiness, you find an endless well of happiness and completeness within yourself.

Non-dualism is beyond Religion

While many of you relate the concept of non-duality with religion, that is not the truth. Religion is just a part of this wholeness. No matter you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or anybody, you are eventually the part of one big whole.

You cannot separate yourself from others or claim to be different because all of you, the entire universe, belong to a single place. Experiencing non-dualism power is not something that only highly acclaimed spiritual beings can do; even you can attain this enlightenment.

It is never a religion. Maybe you feel that since the concept deals with theological topics, it is connected with faith, not the truth. The idea of Advaita always works without any religious ways or trappings. As such, it is not that you need to be of a specific religion to practice the power of non-duality.

The truth about non-duality is the oneness of all, the realization of self-awakening, and the present’s infinite power.

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