Why Choose WordPress for Designing First Website for Your Business?

Launched in 2003, WordPress celebrated its 16th birthday this year. With its growing popularity in multiple sectors and over 65 million websites, it has all reasons to celebrate. WordPress started as a tool for bloggers and gradually evolved as an efficient content management system that can handle any website. It stands out for a simple reason, which is its ease of creating a website. So, if you are looking to create your first website, WordPress is the best choice.

Reasons to Use WordPress for Your First Business Website

1. Open-Source CMS

WordPress is an open-source CMS which means it is available free to use. With its plethora of themes and plugins, one can create amazing websites with professional looking designs. To design your first website, you can choose an appropriately matching theme with your requirements. Themes and layouts are present under multiple categories like blogs, eCommerce, business websites, and more to choose from. WordPress takes less time to create a website, so minimal cost is involved when you hire a developer to develop your website on WordPress. You can also hire a WordPress development company to design your website.

2. Easy Editing

WordPress CMS has inbuilt functionality to edit the content of the website. You don’t have to connect with your developer and wait for him to make the changes. Once the site is up, you can edit and update the content as per your requirement anytime. This will save your money as well since you will not have to pay the webmaster for the maintenance.

3. Easy To Add Pages And Posts

WordPress lets you create components on your website. You can create a new page, blog post, or photo galleries by just adding a new page and adding the required widget. You can even create categories of pages/posts and post your blog under the specified category.

Adding images and video content in the blogs is similar to adding pages. You don’t need to have a technical expert to perform the task. The WordPress websites are mobile-friendly, and you can add widgets and pages from your smartphone as well.

4. Dynamic Functionality

WordPress is power-packed with widgets that can be added for more functionality. For your first website, you might need a feedback or inquiry feature to connect with your website visitors. This can be added by installing a plugin and adding its widget. You can add more functionality like social media icons, Google maps, image galleries, calendars, sign up forms, and more.

With WordPress’ dynamic functionality, there is no limit to bring in your imagination to reality. You name it, and WordPress will offer.

5. SEO-Friendly

The most significant advantage of why WordPress became a sensation in the website world was its ease of creating a website and the ability to rank the website on Google search results. Its CMS has the functionality to add SEO content like the meta tags of the page description and images, alt tags, and the keywords. Various plugins help you check the analytics and track the traffic on the website, which is also a significant reason why it became so widespread.


When it comes to what else a WordPress website can do, the sky is the limit. Due to its ever-evolving and new development in themes and functionalities, many businesses, non-profit organizations, eCommerce, and even media houses are turning to WordPress for their website. So whether it’s your first website or last, its features and functionalities make it the first choice. As a WordPress website design agency, we also recommend the same.