Why Do a Pre-wedding Photoshoot With Your Local Wedding Photographers

Pre-wedding photography has captured the interest of engaged couples in recent years, and it has truly become a profitable business, especially for local wedding photographers.

Moreover, a Pre-wedding Photoshoot also referred to as an engagement prenup shoot, is a photography session that typically takes place three or six months before a couple’s wedding day. 

While pre-wedding shoots have become a must for most, a number of couples have begun to discuss whether or not they will have one. If you and your fiancée are debating about having a pre-wedding shoot or not, here are some excellent points that can help you decide.

1. It serves as an opportunity to ditch camera nerves

It is true that being affectionate with your partner is totally different when you’re alone together. The feeling is extremely opposite when you’re in front of a whole squad of photographers. 

If you’re a camera-friendly person, then you’re not going to experience any problems at all. But if you belong to the population of camera-awkward people, then it can potentially be your worse nightmare.

However, being camera-cautious is not something that one cannot overcome. That is why a photoshoot before your wedding is a good opportunity to start making yourself used to the idea of smiling in front of the local wedding photographers you hired.

2. It gives you the chance to test the waters

Doing a pre-wedding photoshoot is also a great opportunity for you to check out your potential vendors’ works, especially when it comes to your skin and hair makeover. Not to mention, it’s better that things aren’t screwed up on the day of your wedding, right?  

Therefore, your pre-wedding photoshoot can give you a hint on how you and your partner will look like on the day of your wedding. And if you need to make some adjustments with your makeup and skin routine, you will have plenty of time to make up your mind.

3. It can add more photos to your wedding album

One thing that a couple is looking forward to having, aside from their honeymoon, is their wedding album. It’s a camera roll of all the nice, awkwardly funny, and amusing experiences you and your partner have shared. 

However, the wedding album can sometimes become bland due to planned photos, scripted expressions, and dull pictures of long-lost family members. Like, “Are you really happy for me, aunt Karen?”

Kidding aside, if you’re the sentimental type of person, then you will surely enjoy and benefit a lot from a pre-wedding photoshoot. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to add more memories to your album that you will surely cherish when you grow old together.

4. It allows you to unwind with your partner before your wedding day

Prior to the wedding day, couples usually have very little opportunity to spend quality time with each other due to the busy dress trials, vendor consultations, and shopping plans. So pre-wedding shooting is a perfect way for you to reconnect and enjoy some precious moments with each other. 

Also, it can be a great opportunity for the two of you to travel together, especially when you’re planning to visit an amazing offbeat place for your shooting. That way you can build more happy memories together as a couple.

Hiring a Pre-wedding Photographer

If you’ve made up your mind and decided to have a pre-wedding photoshoot, studios like Evan’s Photo & Video can provide you with a team of skilled photographers that can help you achieve your desired pre-wedding photoshoot experience.

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