Why some men avoid dating a woman in their life?

Dating a woman is usually a long-term task when you end up meeting and socializing, looking for a long-term partner. However, there may be men who don’t want to enter the dating game. They may want to just hook up. There could be various reasons as to why men don’t seriously date a woman and again it has to do with experiences and circumstances that they have gone through or are currently in. Here are the reasons why some men would want to avoid dating women.

Cheated with other men

It could be possible that a man has had a bad experience and he was left heartbroken. Maybe the woman cheated on him and he loved her too much. He had plans and dreams for the both of them together, there was trust. But all that was left broken because the woman chose to cheat on him. It is kind of hard to build that trust immediately with the next person when you have had your heart broken in this way. Men can become less trustworthy and think that it isn’t worth it to actually invest time in dating someone and building a relationship.

Used for money

Some men may have been used by a woman for money or for some personal purpose. Due to which he doesn’t want to meet or be comfortable with other women. After being used by someone you have loved wholeheartedly it may take a long time before a man is able to trust a new woman again. It is really difficult to find love again when you have been used by someone you trusted. So, it is only natural that men who have been used for gifts, cash, holidays, or freebies may not want to date again for fear of finding a Golddigger again.

Left for being poor

Not all men are born rich or make a large fortune. However, it isn’t necessary to have lots of money for a happy and satisfied life. But some women may choose to have a rich partner or husband. This type of relationship may be a need for her or just superficial. This kind of happiness doesn’t last long, so when you lose the money, you lose the woman. However, if a woman leaves you for being poor or not rich enough, then it will leave a sour taste in your mouth with regard to future relationships. That is why men may choose a single life and choose to try a realistic sex doll from sodolls.

Don’t have time for commitment

Some men just don’t have any time for a serious commitment. They are too busy with other commitments like – managing a family (parents, siblings) or if they are single dads, then raising kids. If they already have a huge commitment to them, then they will not be interested in trying serious dating with women.

Like different women

Sometimes men just like variety and don’t want to commit to one particular woman. They like seeing multiple women and enjoy the variety. They probably don’t want any commitment and want to have a new woman each time, so that they don’t bond with anyone. Such men will only meet up for one thing alone and then they flake. Women will not hear from such men again.

Have busy schedules

Men may have super busy schedules. They may be traveling to different cities and not spend enough time in one city to build a life there. They may want to have a different woman in each city they visit so they get physical comfort. But they may not actually date someone or build something with something as they area way most of the time. These men may also enjoy sodolls if they need physical pleasure and can’t find a woman for the night.

Men may not want to date a woman in certain circumstances, most of which have been discussed above. Some men will continue to want to be single and some may want to start a family when they feel settled or have found that special someone. 

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