Workplace Policies to Motivate Employees

It is relatively easy to acquire a good team of employees to work for you, but retaining those employees and getting the best out of them is the real trick. The key is your company’s management policies. Management policies can motivate your staff or they can demotivate them. Therefore, you must take great care to implement policies that will get the best out of your staff and encourage them to stay. Here is a list of best practices for writing effective management policies.

Promote a Healthy Organizational Culture

The kind of culture you have in your company determines the nature of the working environment your employees live in every day. It also pays to find the right candidate to ensure they can follow. You need to write policies that encourage teamwork instead of creating division, office intrigue and competition amongst employees. Your company’s culture needs to bring your employees to work together for the company’s growth.

Provide Mentors to New Hires

It is always advisable that you offer new employees guidance so they can quickly get familiar with their jobs, workplace customs, and the people around them. Ask experienced members of each department to provide this guidance. This mentoring lays a good foundation for new hires to start with, and it makes them feel more secure with both their present and future positions within the company.

Clearly Define Goal and Roles for All Employees

A post on Job Interview Tips to Help You Land the Job talks about company’s questions about their own policy, growth and goals, the management must uphold that. To avoid confusion and blame games among your employees, help every team member understand their role and goal expectations. Employees perform better and feel happier in their positions if they have a clearly defined goals and job descriptions. 

Create a Safe and Pleasant Work Environment

The kind of environment your employees work in has a big impact on their productivity and your turnover rate. A comfortable employee can function better than when under stress and pressure. Ensure that your employees’ workspace is clean and well organized and the facilities and tools they need to work are easy to find. Arrange the workspace so that there are no loud noises. Keep the AC on in the summer and the heat comfortably turned up in the winter. Little touches like these can make a world of difference to your employees.

Reward Good Performance

If you want your employees to bring their best then you need to recognize their efforts and reward them accordingly. The reward can be financial in nature, but does not have to be. Often, small surprise gifts of new titles work just as well. However, make sure that all employees understand the rules for getting rewards.

Help Improve Your Employees’ Skills

If an employee can improve their skills then your company gets the benefit as well. If one of your employees wants to take a training course, or even go back to school, do not hold them back. If the company is able, you can even sponsor these employees by paying for the tuition fees, which can be a powerful motivator.


The management policies that you use play a major role in determining if your company succeeds or fails. If you remember that your employees are truly your company’s most valuable asset and treat them as such, they will reward you in turn with increased productivity and greater loyalty.