A mother starts preparing the list of things she is going to provide or buy when her newborn arrives in this world. This excitement of buying teeny tiny things and essentials is one of its kind experienced by every to-be mother. If it is your first experience with motherhood you might need to seek help regarding what essentials to buy for your newborn which can assist you in upbringing your child, also provide comfort to your little one in the initial after-birth months. 

The mother always puts her child comfort on top priority once the child is born and it is not new to do so as we all want best for our kids. There are tons of things to do while preparing for your baby’s arrival and shopping, from furniture to gathering nitty-gritty for feeding, sleeping, bathing, clothing and so on. The accessories to buy for a newborn can leave any mom-to-be in awe as what to buy and what not and even if you buy tons of stuff you never find it enough for your newborn. 

It is not mandatory to fill your room with loads and loads of things if they aren’t going to be helpful to you and your baby rather it is better to buy or shop things that can be useful to you and newborn from baby expo. Now the question is how will you know which items in your shopping can you forget about and which are must-have? 

Here is a breakdown of essentials coming up next to ease out your shopping tours.


This is a must-have thing as a newborn requires a lot of changing of clothes every few hours and if you are new to motherhood it can even multiply the number of times you need to change your little one’s clothes. While shopping for wardrobe of your neonate it is important to keep in mind that clothes shall not be too tight to require efforts while putting them on and off of your ward, also they should be handy and easy to wear to keep your newborn cozy and comfortable. Remember to make practical choices while picking up your baby’s wardrobe.

Try to have at least 4-8 pairs of onesies. You might wonder why onesies, onesies provide the coziness of shirt, also it eliminates your worry of shirt riding up and fixing it now and then.  Initially, you need to have 4-8 pair of shorts, 3-4 pair of one-piece pajamas, 1-3 rompers which you can use as dress-up outfit while taking your baby out, 1-3 front buttoned sweaters or jackets, 1-3 pair of socks (shoes aren’t necessary till the child starts walking), 1-3 newborn hats, if your baby is summer born you can have broad-brimmed hats and in case of winter baby, we suggest that you go for soft caps that cover your baby’s ears. 

Gentle laundry detergent with less or neutral chemicals and fragrance will keep your baby safe from getting any sort of allergic reaction or sneezing that might be caused if you use a strongly scented detergent for washing your baby’s clothes.


Diapers are one of the most necessary and must-have essentials for your baby. It not only help you reduce your visits to laundry to wash wet clothes but it also provides comfort to your baby and saves the irritation that might be caused by frequent wetness.

This kit must include 2 packs of baby diapers for a start, Wipes to clean your baby, the waterproof changing table pad, 2-3 tubes of diaper creams to prevent skin rashes, No-talc powder to help the diaper area dry faster


Bathing can be a fun activity for you and baby of course once you learn to get a hold on baby while bathing. Here are things you might need as essentials for your baby’s bath time. All you need to have a baby bathtub, Baby shampoo and body wash 2-3 hooded baby towels to help your baby keep dry and covered, 3-4 soft wash clothes and bathing chair to help your baby enjoy the bath.


Be ready to feed your baby round the clock as this is the only thing in the initial months, even if you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding you will be requiring a bunch of things for mealtimes.

Be sure to have 4-8 bottles and nipples, Bottlebrush to clean and properly wash the bottle from inside, Formula if you are not nursing your baby yourself.

In case of feeding and to avoid the baby struggle with breastfeeding you can always rely on a Breast pump, Baby feeding pillow, 8-10 baby bibs, and 4-8 burp cloths.

For solid food feeding, you need a high chair, Infant feeding spoon, and bowl, and a Plastic bib


Just like you will prefer to have your hygiene routine and you arrange all the essentials for that, your baby also needs grooming and if your child happens to be sick you will need to have things that you can use to solely cater your baby needs.

For hygienic needs you must have Baby nail clippers, Baby thermometer, Petroleum jelly, and sterile gauze, Pacifiers, you can try different brands to see which one suits your baby and Infant Tylenol, it can come very handy as a pain reliever.


 If you are on the move or relaxing at home at some point you will wish to rest your arms a bit and for that, you will be looking forward to some gears that can ease your arms.

All you need to have a Baby seat, if you are traveling you need to fit a seat in your vehicle that fits your baby on the move. Stroller to make your walking easy and provide comfort to the baby.  Baby swing or bouncer and a Diaper bag filled with diapers, wipes and an extra outfit.


You won’t prefer your baby’s room to be all dull and have the elderly appearance, will you? Not. A baby’s room calls not only for cute and adorable décor but safe and easy furniture as well. This list might help you set up the nursery for your baby just the way you want it to be.


Motherhood is a priceless experience be it for animals or humans, every mother wants to pamper her child in the best possible way, be it emotional or physical. Being a mother is not an easy job, at some point, you might find yourself wishing for a bit of sleep or for someone to take your baby for a while, but with all the essentials available at hand can bring you a bit of assistance and ease to your hectic first-time motherhood journey.

Happy motherhood and enjoy pampering your newborn!