Moving ahead from the trend of having fairy lights in the house, we’ve now ended up with a fabulous trend of led strip lights. And speaking honestly, because it is multi-usage, this trend has taken over every previous trend. 

Not only that they are very efficient when it comes to usage, but they’re easy on your pocket too. These are either tape, metal, or plastic strips with very tiny bulbs that you can mount on the desired place. If you go for tape strips, the process of installing gets a lot easier. However, metallic or plastic strips require you to work a little more than tape strips. To get the amazing collection of led lights at best price deals, visit:

https://www.lepro.com/led-strip-lights . They have a sufficient variety of led strips that you can choose from. Not only do they differ in lengths but functions too. You can find the easiest installing method here as well. 

With that being said, let’s now move onto hacks of led strip lights that will bring life to your house, terrace, offices, and whatnot. 

#1 Under your bed

The most voguish hack we have ever come across has to be one of putting it under your bed. When you start doing it, make sure you do not install it at the very inside of your bed. Keep it on edge as much as possible. It can work as your night bulb, or you can keep low vibes while watching the movie. 

#2 DIY neon signs

Why spend a lot on getting neon signs when you can create your own? The manageable material of led strip lights lets you create a literal shape that you would like your neon sign in. Find any place in your bedroom or lounge to install it. Look for electrifying shapes that enhance the room, such as an electric or maybe an infinity sign. 

#3 Brighten up the dark staircase

Do you have an in-house staircase? If yes, then installing led strip lights has to be the best decision. Don’t forget the drill; keep it under and hidden. You can hide the strips under each step. Keep the color of your staircase in your mind when you choose your strip. 

#4 Illuminate your office table

While you start to revamp your office, don’t forget the lights. Having proper lighting is proven to make you more active and productive. Led strip lights under your table of office will change your vibe in the office. Do not forget to color coordinate everything, so it doesn’t end up in a disaster.

#5 In your car trunk

 Instead of mounting a bulb, choosing a small portion of the led strip will do it right. Even selecting a small part of the light will brighten up your trunk whenever you need to use it because no doubt it’s small, but the light it provides is nonetheless brighter than bulb light. 

#6 Highlight your dropped ceiling

When you spend a lot on something you just want or to stand out and nothing else, if you have got that bare white drop ceiling, you can pop it up with led strip light. If the ceiling color is basic neutral, you can choose purple, orange, or any other bold color to give it a pop of color. It will blur out the background and highlight your ceiling.

#7 Shine it around the mirror

A long selfie mirror or a small mirror on your dressing table led strip lights can completely change the game. White lights usually go with the mirror, but you’re open to play with the colors and make the best out of it. You can either place it on all four sides or any two sides of your mirror.

#8 Light up your drawer

If you want your drawers to give you those aesthetic vibes, then led strip lights to have to be your first option to choose. Try going for lighter colors because dark colors will only make your space look more cluttered. You can either install it outside or simply line it inside the drawers. Do as you like!

#9 Make your banister glow

How cool does it look when you see a banister that has a light underneath. If you want to achieve it, you can do so by using led strip lights under it. By doing so, you not only brighten it up but also give it a floating look, which is super cheap and unique. Hide the lights under the banister, and you can switch on and off when someone uses the stairs. 

# 10 Do not forget to keep everything synchronized

Last but not least, if you’re finally convinced to install the fantastic looking led strip lights anywhere in your house or office. You need to make sure you synchronize everything together. If the lights do not do together with the led strips, then obviously, it will just end up in disappointment at the end of the day.

All In All

These are some amazing hacks of led lights. Hopefully, after reading our post, you would able to use these methods to bright up your home easily. If you’re looking for a fantastic diversity of items for lighting. Visit https://www.lepro.com/. You can find here every light from bulbs to ceiling lights and many more.