11 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids

Practice becomes a habit if followed regularly therefore, it is important to inculcate good habits in your kids. Make them practice good habits in their growing age itself so they stick to it lifelong. It is a parent’s duty to make their kids learn the ways of healthy living. Healthy habits help your kids develop good mental and physical health, better immunity, and more vigor.

Healthy habits for a lifetime –

1.Healthy food

Make your kids eat everything healthy and filled with nutrition. If kids are being selective and not eating all that you give them, try to go smart and strict. Gradually, kids develop taste so do not let their innocence fool you. What you give them to eat is for their health and developing a habit of eating healthy is a must in the long run as well. Give them fruits and vegetables filled with all vitamins and minerals.

Avoid sodas and processed food as much as possible. Teach them to read labels and pick healthy stuff at the store rather than junk food. Teach your kids to stay hydrated and have lots of water, you can infuse flavors to it by adding lime, cucumber, mint, etc. Be very stern about soda intake as they are extremely unhealthy.

2.Timely meals

Make your kids eat on time. It is really important for their digestive system and affects one’s health a lot. Once they develop this habit they will never skip meals or have the habit of unnecessary munching. Give them 5 meals in a day. Healthy and heavy breakfast is a must to keep yourself charged for the day.

3.Screen time

Set time for your kids to use technology. Digitally we are growing but it is not healthy to make your kids stick to television, computers or smartphones all day. Limit time for them and make them do other productive things apart from being in front of the screen the whole day. Do not let them be a couch potato or nerds also keep an eye on the kind of content that they watch. If possible, keep things customized for children so that they do not come across inappropriate stuff on the screen.


Outdoor activities are a must for kids. Nowadays due to booming technology kids end up sticking to screens all the time. Develop their taste for outdoor activities. It helps them stay fit and make them strong mentally and physically both. Sports teach them ways to accept failure and how to encourage your fellow beings. Group activities help them learn to deal with society gracefully.


Make your kids read, it is one of the very healthy habits that every person should have. Read a newspaper, current affairs, fiction or whatever makes one happy but for them to reach that age you need to develop in them the habit of reading.

Make them read what they like. It is said that we can start to inhibit reading habits in a child from his 6 months of age. With growing age get them books filled with pictures to make reading interesting for them. It is the best exercise for their mental growth.

6.Quality time at home

Spend some quality time with your kids. Get to know them, talk to them and make them feel no matter what you are always available for them. It makes things easier for them in their teenage and adulthood if they feel their parents listen, understand and provide them solutions to handle problems.


One of the very important aspects is to teach your kids manners. They should know how to behave when. They should be able to differentiate between good and bad. Teach them to be polite, use ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ and ‘sorry’ quite often with them but make sure you do not repeat mistakes once you say it. Teach the importance of a well-behaved human and how one shall deal with problems without being aggressive and rude.

8.Mental strength

Grow your kids into positive human beings, do not let any negativity impact them. Kids are disheartened easily so teach them how to stay positive in every aspect of life. Help them develop a positive attitude in them so that they are strong mentally and are able to face all the problems resiliently.


Hobbies are usually what you love to do. Make them pick up something that they enjoy, it can be a sport, music, instrument, etc. Give them time to do that an hour regularly during the day so that they feel fresh and happy from within.


The sleeping pattern of kids shall be very disciplined so that they feel energetic the whole day. Make them sleep for 8-10 hours to be able to regain energy.


Teach your kids healthy hygiene habits like, brushing and flossing twice, shower regularly and wash your hands every time you enter the house or kitchen.

Kids with healthy habits do better in school and life as they are more organized and strong.