4 benefits of investing in Sundaram mutual funds which you probably don’t know

The financial market invites investors to opt for a variety of mutual funds that comprises different features and benefits. But, when it comes to choosing one, it should be done while taking into consideration numerous factors. From the topmost performers to affordability along with transparency and liquidity, all the parameters excite investors to opt for various mutual fund plans. 

Sundaram mutual funds are one of the most renowned mutual fund options available to investors. It offers equities, fixed income and liquid funds, which comprises of all imperative features of a good performing mutual fund. Such a wide range of financial product is jointly promoted by Sundaram Financial Ltd. and Stewart Newton Holdings (Mauritius) Limited.

The Sundaram AMC claims to incept new sub-types of mutual funds such as Mid-caps, Capex, Rural India and Small-cap funds in the financial market. The Sundaram MF is best-suited to the investors who have a moderate to high-risk appetite. 

Benefits of investing in Sundaram Mutual funds   

The fund managers at Sundaram AMC allocate money of the investors only after retrieving information from the data. The following chart will be helpful to sketch a vivid picture of the past performance of the Sundaram MF.  

Name of Fund 3-year return (%)5-year return (%)
Sundaram Large and Midcap fund 12.8113.39
Sundaram Financial Services Opportunities Fund12.1213.11
Sundaram Equity Hybrid Fund9.5810.03
Sundaram Select Focus Fund 13.6610.32

Apart from exceptionally high returns reported on the Sundaram MF, the benefits offered on Sundaram MF investment plan by the fund managers and the promoters are as follows::

Professional Management

The fund manager along with other experts hold years of experience in the fund management. They work to achieve the fund’s defined objective. The experts are backed by the investment research team. They work diligently and judiciously to get the best result out of the investment plan for the investors. The fund managers invest in Giant-cap to micro-cap companies keeping in mind the objective of the scheme. This continuous process helps them to assess the market condition and then make the investment to generate optimal returns. 


Investment in Sundaram MF makes investment plan more feasible. The Sundaram AMC buys and sells a variety of asset class, enhancing the investor’s wealth at a lower trading cost. The investors can accumulate a great amount of wealth with a small investment amount, which can be as modest as Rs.100 per month. Investment through mutual funds helps to diversify the portfolio at an extremely low cost. Such a portfolio would have been expensive and hard to maintain if the investor had to invest directly in the stock market. 


Sundaram Mutual funds provide an option to its investors to redeem all parts of their investment at the prevailing net asset value (NVA) on any business day. The ease of processing with the application form for the redemption of the invested amount is quick and efficient. However, the investment with a lock-in period cannot be redeemed beforehand. 

On redeeming the amount, the investor will have to pay the exit load, although for direct plans the redemption process will be done without it. The Sundaram AMC does not charge any entry load from the investors, which gives an incentive to the investors. 

Transparency and transaction facility

The investors can get hold of all the updates regarding the invested amount. All recent updates regarding the fund’s manager investment strategy, the performance of the mutual fund and the amount invested in each type of fund are briefed to the investors duly on a regular basis. All information regarding the same will be updated on their website. In case of delay on updating the information, the reasons for the same is intimidated to the investors.


It works on the guidelines of the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Keeping the investors objective and financial plan at the helm, the Sundaram mutual fund AMC works under the strict regulation of SEBI. The Sundaram MF has been registered with the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), so it complies with all the norms of the SEBI and AMFI which safeguards the interest of the investors.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, the investors get an added advantage of accumulating a great share of the wealth that can help one to achieve the long term financial objectives of the individuals. People often run after a diverse portfolio, which not only reduces the quality but, also gives below-average returns. Diversification done improperly can be harmful in the long run, diverting from the financial objective. Experts suggest allocating your money prudently while taking on board the valuation of the fund and the return that it will probably fetch in the long run. Investment in Sundaram MF leads to a win-win situation for all the parties involved. 

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