4 Most Trending Website Design Themes

Today, web designs have completely changed the user experience. Nowadays, designers build websites that are not only interactive but playfully attractive. With the changes in user likes and dislikes constantly, designers take clues about what type of typography, design elements, grid, and layouts attract users more. Visual effects, muted colors, animated interactions, and techniques have become vital for website design. Web designers and web designing companies need to keep abreast of what is in trend when it comes to online website design themes. Not only are these trends vital for a great user experience, they also help website designers to fulfill the changing requirements of their clients. Many people also choose to create websites online, keeping the latest designs and trends in mind to stay competitive. Take a look below to find the 4 most trending website design themes: 

Retro Typography 

Typography is a different trend that is becoming more and more popular. Retro typography inspires sentimentality and nostalgia in site visitors. Increasingly more companies are now using bold and big typography that has a retro feel, especially for homepage headlines. It works best for short words, with the remaining page kept clean and minimal. Minimalistic designs are also in trend that includes fonts and words used as graphic elements of particular sizes. 

Parallax Effects 

Parallax effects offer a depth illusion by using layers that move at different speeds. There are many methods to design it, but it is frequently applied by moving the background slower as compared to the foreground. This effect can trigger your users with curiosity to scroll down the whole design and a feel of animation. It is an excellent way to help your web design stand out. 

Memphis Designs

Sometimes, Memphis design is a tacky style as it pairs many chaotic shapes and patterns together. It was the elimination of minimalism, making designs more colorful, adventurous, and approachable than before. This attitude is true today when the minimalistic approach combines different interfaces that are uniform. Hence, without any doubt, many website designers are switching to Memphis designs to offer a colorful personality that visitors won’t forget soon. 

Experimental Navigation 

This trend can help guide and engage visitors to surf your website in a specific way. Experimental navigation is a navigation pattern that subverts old-fashioned patterns. These patterns can assist create more interest and guide the users to look around uniquely. 

It is exciting to find out how website design trends continue to change. Moreover, the constant momentum has no code movement. Do not include every design trend above to build the best web design. However, adding a couple of them as subtler details or prominent components can enhance your website UX significantly, resulting in more CTA clicks, a better result for your business online, and higher engagement.