5 Delightful And Quick Dinner Recipes For Your Family

All of us enjoy delicious food but no one wants to spend a lot of time preparing those dishes! Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we have you covered! In this article, we will be introducing you to a few quick dinner recipes that will be loved by all. Did you know that lamb has a high quality of protein and good fat content? 

With its impressive health benefits, let us further surprise you by telling you how quick and easy it is to make yummy and healthy lamb dishes. In this article, we are going to talk about five such excellent healthy meals that will have your tummy saying “Thank you”. Along with these recipes, you can also try some mac and cheese recipe and include them in your menu.

Flaky Lamb Pastilla

Your taste buds would be satisfied with the combination of crunchiness and the juicy meat that this dish has to offer. To start with, mix minced lamb meat with cumin, coriander, and cinnamon. Add seasoning to this mixture. As a healthy alternative, use olive oil to fry the minced meat mixture until brown. Add sultanas, honey, and parsley then. Now, stuff in the mix in the pie spread dough and bake it for around 20-25 minutes. You will now be serving this dish hot, and fishing on some compliments from your enthralled guests!

Moroccan Lamb Filo Pie

Indulge in the rich Moroccan culinary ways with this Moroccan Lamb Filo pie. Moroccan dishes are famous for their extensive use of spice. Fry onion and minced lamb till all the water is evaporated. Now, stir in some apricots, toasted pine nuts, and seasoning to the meat. Once that is done, layer up the vessel with filo pastry sheets, stuff in the meat, and brush with melted butter.  Repeat these for all the filo sheets. Bake until crispy. Serve it hot and give your taste-buds an overwhelming treat.

Barbeque Lamb Chops with Satay Sauce

Are you in the mood for a barbeque brunch? Well, we say, why not host one already! If you do, Barbeque lamb chops with satay sauce should be on the menu. Marinate lamb cutlets with brown sugar, lime juice, and soy sauce. Prepare the satay sauce by frying ginger, garlic, chilli, and brown sugar until sugar sizzles. Add coconut milk along with lime and peanut butter. The sauce will be thickened after getting cold. 

Now, grill the lamb pieces over the hot pan until cooked properly.  Eat this with the freshly prepared warm satay sauce. With a hit of lime, you can relish this heavenly appetizer.

Mint Lamb kebabs with Tabbouleh

Lamb recipes promise two things for certain- nutrients and deliciousness! To make the most of it, click here! Mint Lamb Kebabs with Tabbouleh is yet another example of a lamb dish done right! To get this dish right, you would need to first put in some couscous in the hot stock, and leave it covered until the couscous is tender. Toast a few walnuts as well. Mix the couscous with veggies like carrot, beetroot parsley, mint, and walnuts. Grill the kebabs until brown. Enjoy your dinner.

Lamb Pilaf

The combination of rice and meat is always a win-win situation. This is an easy-to-make and tasty-to-eat dinner recipe. Fry your onions until golden brown.  Fry lamb chunks in oil till brown. Add crushed garlic and curry powder to the pan. Mix the rice well in this. Then, add lamb stock, tomatoes, and apricots to the rice. Let it simmer until no water is left. Add lamb pieces and toasted pine nuts, and garnish with coriander. Your Lamb pilaf is ready to eat.

Isn’t your tummy hungry all of a sudden? Yeah, ours too! This would be the right opportunity to experiment with the recipes above. Get started already!