5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Term Insurance Plan

When difficulties come knocking, we must stay close to our loved ones and help them out. But for the times when we are not around, this is what a term insurance plan can do. When you buy a term plan, in your absence, your family does not have to undergo the mental stress of a financial crunch. Getting a term plan is a necessary solution; choosing an appropriate one is even more important.

Mostly new buyers may look for term plans, which may or may not be suitable for their needs. Hence, before you purchase a term plan, here is a checklist that you can consider.

Five points to help you choose a term insurance plan:

1. Get the term plan early

When you’re young and free from various health conditions, getting a term plan for the future may not sound like a great idea. But in reality, it is best to purchase term insurance when you’re in your 20s or early 30s as you can benefit from paying lower premiums for better coverage. In other words, the risk of health conditions increases at an older age, which will hike your premiums.

2. Buy Online Term Insurance

When you buy online term insurance, it is a quick and convenient way to secure your family. In an age where we buy everything online, it only makes sense to do the same with your policy. Not only can you get all the necessary information from different websites but can also make secure payments online and save a paperless copy of the policy after purchasing it. Moreover, there is no hassle of traveling to the insurance office, which saves a lot of time.

3. Provide genuine information

We often feel that hiding our health conditions from the insurance provider will help us pay a lower premium. But years from now, if you were to pass on due to an ailment not disclosed in the proposal form, it would lead to a rejection of the claim. As a result, not only will you have taken away the benefit of financial protection from your family but also wasted your money in paying premiums for a rejected claim. Hence, for your own benefit, always provide your insurer with genuine details of your age, health or medical conditions, smoking habits, etc.

4. Always compare plans

Buying an online term policy can be beneficial when it comes to selecting your insurance provider. Instead of going for recommendations from others, you can be more practical, and research reputed insurance providers online who not only offer a variety of plans but also have a high claim settlement ratio. Such research helps you select the best term plan online that will provide adequate coverage to your family and rely on an insurance provider who can seamlessly settle the claim when the need arises.

5. Select riders wisely

Term plans are known to be economical as they offer adequate cover for reasonable premiums. You can enhance the coverage of a term plan by adding riders which cover specific needs. However, by including too many riders in a single plan, you could be paying a greater premium than necessary, making an affordable term plan costly. At such times, you can consider which riders fit your requirements. Or, you could simply choose one rider that offers all-round protection against critical illnesses, disability and more. Whatever be the case, be sure to give it a thought before adding riders to your term plan.


Buying a suitable term plan should be a matter of convenience. It helps to stay informed about what all your term plan should cover. Be it looking up a reliable insurance provider or saving time and effort while purchasing your term policy, the points mentioned above can help you choose a term insurance policy that is ideal for you and your family.