6/49 GO jackpot: Everyone Needs to Know the Ultimate benefits of 6/49 Lotto GO

64/9 GO, which is available exclusively on Lottoland, is an exciting and dynamic online lottery that releases new draws every single hour. Pick 6 numbers out of a 49-number board and stand a chance to win the fabulous jackpot of 55.6 crore rupees! Its unique features allow you to win your money back if your numbers don’t match the draw – the best odds you could ask for. 

Are you new to the fast-paced and highly exciting world of online lottery platforms? Or are you a seasoned veteran checking out the new players on the market? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with this super helpful primer about the fantastic benefits of trying your luck in 6/49 GO, which is exclusively offered on Lottoland – one of the leaders in the online lottery scene.

So read on to know why you should be switching to 6/49 Lotto GO right now!

It has a mind-blowing jackpot of 55.6 crore rupees

6/49 GO has an amazing jackpot of up to 55.6 crore rupees that you can win every hour – that’s right, this is the easiest and surest way to earn some quick cash on the internet without any effort. 

Each board has 49 numbers, of which you can pick 6; and you get 12 such boards. Do the math, and the bottom line is, this lottery presents you with odds that are better than most other lottery draws. Get all your numbers right, and you can win up to a whopping Rs. 556 million!

2. New draws every single hour!

With 6/49 GO you don’t have to wait around for days or weeks to know the result of your lottery – things are infinitely faster and smoother here. The virtual draw is released every 60 minutes so that you have a chance to keep playing your luck as many times as you want in a day. That gives you an incredible 186 opportunities to hit the jackpot and make some sweet cash in just a week. Isn’t that every betting enthusiast’s dream!

It’s quick and convenient and guaranteed 24/7 fun!

3. Get your money back if your numbers don’t match 

This is the best part of the game – even if you don’t match your numbers to the draw, you stand a chance to get your money back! The odds couldn’t be better – you win if you win and you win if you lose too. More than 1 in 3 tickets win a prize, and on top of that, if none of your picks are right, you still get your money back. 

In conclusion 

Long story short, if you haven’t been playing 64/9 GO, save yourself some major FOMO and get on the platform now! You won’t find an online lottery that is as easy to play with such high payouts that happen every hour, every single day of the week anywhere else. 

So what’s keeping you, test your luck on 64/9 GO right away!