7 Earring Styles for Making a Strong Impression

Earrings are some of the most common jewelry which is worn by women around the world. It is not surprising as like any other jewelry it can help you decide how you feel about yourself while complementing your face and dress simultaneously. There are also highly convenient to wear since they are not heavy or large enough to cause carrying issues like other jewelry. Considering that it is one of the most common accessories owned by women, you may be surprised to hear that it was worn by men initially. There are several discoveries where earrings are worn by men dated back to the Bronze age while it was also worn by sailors who were recognized by the earring in case they got shipwrecked. 

Right now, there are several designs available which give a woman the option to choose one which satisfies her taste along with being available at a suitable price. There are several designs available in the market right now which will bring out the best of you when you are attending any event without making you feel uncomfortable. Some of them can be worn for any specific event such as thread earrings which can be worn for formal events. Some of the types of earrings which will help you to create a good impression are mentioned below. 

1.     Stud Earrings:

You may be surprised to hear it but stud earrings have been around for quite a while. They have been popular since the 20th century and are now being primarily worn by college girls since they are simple but look stylish nevertheless. A great thing about studs is that it can be worn with any outfit and would not appear weird. Other than that it is great to wear especially if you spend your time with children since they would not be able to grab the earring which would lower the chance of them getting lost or your ear getting injured. Stud earring is now available in different types such as diamond ones while you can also buy Sterling studs. These two types are highly popular and are worn by women across the world. The earring consists of a precious stone such as diamond or silver along with a metal design which makes it fixed to your earlobe. 

2.     Hoop Earrings:

This is a type of earring that has been in and out of fashion for the past few years. Some fashion designers believe that it is making another comeback in the market while others believe that it was always in demand. Either way, one thing which everyone can agree with is that it is highly popular even today. Hoop earrings have been highly popular among women for different reasons. One of the reasons is that it offers greater flexibility due to its shape and size and can cater to many demands of the customers. You can wear these earrings in a professional setting such as your workplace where you will look elegant wearing this earring. It has a small piece of wire which penetrates your earlobe and connects to the other side and creates a complete circle. 

3.     Huggie Earrings:

Although you may be a little taken back by the name you better believe it because it is a real type of earring. Just like their name suggests, these earrings are designed to hug your earlobes. These earrings are also one of the popular types and are bought in large quantities by women every year. Although they fit the earlobe just like the hoop it also fits fine at the cartilage area too. They are also comfortable to wear so rest assured that they would not bother you when you are busy with something and cannot adjust your earrings at the time. These earrings also have small inset jewels that are present in front and back while creating a subtle look. These earrings are also available in different shapes such as a rectangular one or a heart-shaped one which suits your preference. 

4.     Drop Earrings:

Another style of earrings that you can choose is drop-style earrings. These earrings have a long curved attachment which goes through your earlobes. However, at the back, the attachment hangs in a parallel lane with your neck. These are the most suitable earrings which will showcase your femininity while also making you look elegant and give an aristocratic experience. Hence, it is convenient for you to go to your office wearing such earrings which will make you look comfortable although you may also wear it at a party. 

5.     Dangle Earrings:

These earrings are somewhat similar to drop earrings. However, they are backed with a post and butterfly earring backs. This is great since it will keep the end at your earlobe stable while allowing the attachment to sway. Although traditional danglers have an attachment which consists of a string of jewels or precious metal. These earrings are highly popular especially among girls due to their stylish designs and look good if you have short hair. 

6.     Chandelier Earrings:

These earrings are often confused with the drop earring due to its outlook but there are subtle differences among them. These earrings come with more designs than the drop earring and just like the name shows, it is similar to the shape of chandeliers while having three types of decoration. Although you would like to wear them often due to their complex design but these earrings should be reserved for a special occasion so that you can have the maximum impact. Although these earrings may be a little heavy there are options available with fewer designs. 

7.     Bajoran Earrings:

These earrings are quite different from the earrings which most women are familiar with. These earrings are very popular among people and you may have even come across it in the movie Star Trek. These earrings have a distinctive feature that separates it from others. It has a chain which starts from the dangling attachment and ends up at the outer ear. Although you may feel uncomfortable there is no harm in trying out a new style every once in a while. 


Apart from these earrings which are mentioned above, there are several other designs available which are worth a try. The main point about earrings is that they are highly convenient to wear and should not put your health at risk by making your ears hurt. You should make sure that the earrings that you purchased are not too heavy and are clean so that there is no risk of you contracting an infection while you are getting a piercing.