A Basic Buying Guide for Football Accessories

Every football player needs a helmet, cleats, and shoulder pads. But it helps if you go out of your way and study more of the proper football practice equipment, along with some extra accessories to keep your game safe and still excel on the field. 

When it comes to finding football accessories, it’s not just about protection. There are lots of football gear with added flairs and styles to boost the necessary football uniforms. While the utmost consideration when buying football accessories is your safety, it won’t hurt if you sport cute and well-designed accessories because this can somehow increase your confidence. After all, the football they say is a game of inches. Even the smallest things, like some boost of confidence, can help you feel and look sharp; and this can make a massive difference in the playing field. Below are football equipment and accessories you should invest in to dominate your game in the sleekest, safest way possible.


What do you see in a pro football game? Aside from the 22 players on the field, you can also see hundreds of players on the sidelines. And when you look closely, notice how everybody is wearing their gloves. Even quarterbacks wear gloves to have a better ball grip.

Today, gloves are not just accessories. They are game necessities. The main difference between these two is that the gloves for the defensive backs and wide receivers have enclosed fingers and are sticky and tacky because these are designed to catch and hold on to the ball securely. Lineman gloves are bulkier and half-finger gloves for added protection, especially when you duke out in the trenches. 

Mouth Guards

Most mouth guard models are pre-formed in variety and are expected not to provide the most amount of protection since these are not customized to your teeth. The best option is the moldable guards using a rubber or gel to form-fit your dental pattern.

There are mouthguards designed to protect only the teeth and come with or without a level for security. On the other hand, most mouth guards cover not only the teeth but also the lips. These are the most highly-protective types and are offered in unique color options and patterns. 

Chin Straps

Have you heard of the phrase “put up your dukes,” and ever wondered why it has stayed until today? That’s because one of the most critical ways to be safe in a boxing match is to have your chin protected. A central nerve is found under the chin and runs along the jawline that’s a primary target when doing a knockout blow. Protecting this area is just as critical on the football field as it is inside a boxing ring. 

Choose the football chin strap that provides you with better protection. Skip the simple strips of leathers that often come with the helmets. Today, there are far more advanced chin straps that have added padding inside its plastic shell to help absorb and evenly spread out any impact from a direct hit. 

These are just some of the essential football practice equipment that you should prepare yourself before you start playing. No matter the brand, the look, and even the design, the important thing here is to go for that gear that offers you the best protection with utmost care and comfort.