Cloud Computing: Benefits and Steps to Prepare your IT Team for the Cloud

It’s only a matter of time that all businesses will migrate to the cloud platform. Therefore, it is extremely important that businesses train their IT team for cloud technology. Cloud computing is a newer technology, and many business organizations are skeptical to completely adopt this technology and migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Advantages Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can benefit businesses in numerous ways. Through cloud computing, businesses can save a lot of money spent on IT expenditure, reduce work labor and stand strong against other rival companies. By using a cloud platform, businesses can deliver new services and products quickly and more effectively. Not only can it reduce the company’s IT expenditure but can also improve the cooperation and coordination among teams and departments of an organization. Wanna watch movies on your phone? You should check this app!

Migration to a cloud platform requires a lot of time, effort and patience. Apart from changing your IT frameworks, your entire IT staff also needs to adapt to the new technology. By shifting to a cloud platform, your IT staff automatically becomes a vital part of your business where they matter more than ever as you will need them to help you develop and maintain your cloud infrastructure. Your IT staff can be made more productive by providing them with adequate training, such as the CompTIA certification training, which helps them gain the confidence to migrate to and work with cloud computing. Cloud computing keeps your business data safe.

Importance Of Cloud Computing

Many business corporations are constantly on a lookout for trained cloud professionals. Such people are currently the most sought after professionals in the industry as there is a shortage of trained cloud specialists. The pay- scale of a trained cloud professional can easily go up to $100,000.

How To Prepare For The Cloud

For an IT team, the migration to cloud technology involves learning and developing new skills and expertise. They need to work on various cloud-related operations, including collaborating with cloud application development teams to better respond to internal as well as external requirements of an organization and market their products. In order to fulfil specific job roles and execute job responsibilities and perform cloud-based tasks, sound training is indispensable. By getting training in programs such as CompTIA network+, your staff can get a clear understanding of the basic fundamentals of cloud computing and prepare for the cloud.

Cloud professionals can then work as engineers, designers, developers, supervisors and administrators. Once your organization decides to adopt cloud technology, it is extremely important that you create your company’s cloud team and assign them various cloud-based roles. You also need to make sure that they receive appropriate training according to their abilities and business objectives. Training programs such as the CompTIA certification training, help your team possess the necessary skill set to develop and maintain cloud solutions for your organization and help it achieve its business goals.

Cloud Service Platforms

It is better that you first do some research about various cloud service providers and select a specific platform according to your budget and requirements. This will help your organization to train your IT staff according to the products and services offered by your selected cloud service provider. Presently, a lot of platforms are offering cloud services to businesses. However, the following three are the most popular ones in the industry:  

  1. Google Cloud
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud platforms are either vendor-neutral or vendor specific. However, if you don’t have strong knowledge about cloud operations, then selecting between Google, Amazon or Microsoft cloud platforms is a simple and safer option to develop your cloud infrastructure. Moreover, these three platforms also provide various courses and training programs to help your IT team become familiar with their platform as well as various products and services offered by them.  

Whether you go for Microsoft, Amazon or Google cloud services, it is extremely important that your IT team has a sound knowledge about DevOps practices that helps to bring together various software developments and IT operations that can reduce the development life cycle of the systems while achieving objectives of an organization via supplying frequent updates, fixes and features.

Skills Required For Cloud Computing

Whether you wish to hire new cloud technicians and developers or plan to train your existing staff with these new cloud skills, there are a number of skills that are crucial for cloud developers. Firstly, you need to learn about how to manage your data. Since you will be shifting all your data to a new space, it is extremely important to learn different ways to access and manage your company’s important data. Secondly, you need to train your staff about cloud security. In cloud computing, most of the operations are conducted online through the net. As a result, the risks for cyber attacks and data thefts also increases. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to invest in cybersecurity training to help protect the data and privacy of the organization.

Versatility And Mobility

Since all the operations in cloud computing are done through the cloud, it becomes easier for employees to complete more tasks in less time as one can access all applications and files anywhere through logging into the assigned account. Also, there are less chances of loss of data as all the data is stored in the cloud instead of a hard drive. Earlier, employees had to send large files as attachments, which were a tedious and time-consuming task. However, in cloud computing, there are numerous applications that you can use to send large files in less time. Cloud computing also helps to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your important files as all the applications used in cloud computing are password protected.

Cost Effectiveness

Once you switch to cloud computing, your IT team gets introduced to high levels of technology. Once you develop your cloud infrastructure, it becomes extremely important that your IT staff learn the necessary skills required to employ these IT developments accordingly. As many cloud service providers offer pay-as-you-go services and cloud business applications, small business organizations find it easier to compete with bigger companies and stay relevant with the latest technological trends and advancements.

Final word

Once you plan to switch to cloud computing, it is extremely important that you first select a cloud service provider according to your business needs. Secondly, you need to invest in the cloud training of your IT staff. You will also need to hire some professionals who are already familiar with cloud operations. This will help you to achieve your business and organizational goals in less time.

You will also need to invest in different cloud certifications and training programs for your staff. This will help your staff to become familiar with cloud fundamentals and different services and products offered by your cloud service provider.

This article is recently edited on: 28 October 2023