The Importance of Commercial Roof Cleaning

Commercial roof cleaning services

The roof of your commercial building is more important than you believe. It’s easy to assume that its sole purpose is to protect the contents of your business and keep the walls stabilized. While this is true – both of those are its primary purpose – your roof controls quite a few other things as well. A roof that hasn’t been well maintained can add to contaminants in the air. It can also make your heating and cooling bills much higher than necessary. These are just a few of the reasons why you need to hire a professional company to handle your roof cleaning, Cincinnati business owners.

What Can Build Up On Your Roof?

Step outside and quickly glance up at your roof. Do you see black smudges on it? Or other forms of dirt and debris? Those smudges are called moss or magma. They are made up of a type of bacteria that thrive on the limestone and other minerals that are found in your shingles or on your asphalt roof. In order to properly care for your building, you need to get those smudges, as well as everything else that’s lurking on your roof, removed. If you wait too long, your roof could be damaged, leading to expensive repairs or even a full replacement. Those expenses can be avoided with regular roof cleanings. On top of this, the more often you have the roof of your business cleaned, it will get easier each time. You don’t need to wait until the debris has built up. Instead, schedule a roof cleaning every six months or so.

Commercial roof cleaning services

Your Roof Affects Your Utility Bills

Did you know that your roof plays a large role in the overall costs of your utilities? Although Cincinnati has mild weather most of the time, it’s prone to hot temperatures in the summer. If you’re paying a huge electric bill every summer, it could be due to your roof. The debris and magma that build up the roof change its temperature, raising it to uncomfortable levels. Not only is this bad for your roof, because that temperature leads to damage, but it also makes the interior of your building a lot warmer than it needs to be. Your air conditioning unit will start to strain and will run constantly, drawing in more electricity and causing high utility bills. By paying for commercial roof cleaning services, Cincinnati business owners, you’ll actually save money.

A Clean Roof Equals Healthy Employees

On top of this, all of the bacteria on your roof can end up inside of your building. If your HVAC systems are located on the roof, they can suck in the bacteria, spreading it around the air vents, contaminating the air inside of your offices. Legionnaire’s disease is an extreme example of this. The bacteria that causes the disease is spread through the air when people breathe it in – it’s not spread by contact. Although most roofs don’t have Legionnaires bacteria lurking on them (this is an extreme example, as we’ve previously stated), you do need to take the steps necessary to keep your roof clean in order to avoid situations like it. Your employees need to be healthy in order to get their work done, and since they play a crucial role in your company, it becomes even more important to keep your roof clean.

First Impressions Matter

Another reason to hire commercial roof cleaning services Cincinnati business owners is because you want to make a good first impression on your potential clients. Look at it this way – would you rather do business with a company that has a pristine building both inside and out, or one that has a clean lobby, but messy landscaping and a dirty roof? If the company overlooks the small details, like the exterior parts of the building, then what else will they forget about? This shows that they aren’t as detail-oriented as they should be. You would be wary of doing business with them. However, if the entire building is perfectly clean, including the roof, then they clearly understand the need to make a good first impression and focus on all of the details. They know what they’re doing. You want to make sure that the first impression your building leaves is the best it can be.

Commercial roof cleaning services

Hire a Commercial Roof Cleaning Service

All Clean! is your best option when it comes to roof cleaning Cincinnati companies. We use a special SoftWash method that won’t damage your roof or anything below it. Yes, your landscaping is safe with us. Our employees know how to use the equipment properly, and have the ability to clean roofs of all types, no matter the size of the commercial building. If you want your roof to reflect the values of your business, give us a call.