Shapewear is tight underwear that can give the body the support and shape it needs. It is designed to shape specific parts of the body. Shapewear can make a woman look slimmer and emphasize softer curves. It is also called compression clothes.

When you buy a dress, you may have seen it in a mannequin-like crazy, but if you are wearing a dress on an imperfect body with big and small bumps here and there, the result is completely different. Shapewear can be used to alter the look of these unwanted swings to give the body a smoother beauty. It can make you feel good and look perfect – with the right kind of curve, less, no more.

Different types of Shapewear


Contour bra / sculpted bra: 

This is a well-fitting and shapewear bra that gives your bra a nice look and gives you lots of support. Contour bras are usually encased and come with wireframe parchment. In etched brass, the panels are machine-shaped to give a flawless shape and curve.

Bracer / Bust Shaper: 

Bust figurines are a unique way to elevate and shape a woman’s frustration. It is added to the top of the bra to push the chest up. It is used by women to support and lift the loose chest lines.

Minimizer bra: 

This Brazilian style makes breast smaller and provides stronger support


A corset is comfortable underwear that combines the ankle and waist. It should be tied back or front. It is also a bone, which gives the body a clear and smooth shape. The corset looks narrow, and the waist is small. A girdle that extends to the waist is called a torso.


Bustiers, also known as modern-day corsets, are protected by hooks around the waist.

Long Line Bra / Basque: 

Both are narrow supports close to the waist. The long line is a Brazilian style that extends up to the navel and waist and resembles the upper body. This top-fitting, tight-fitting bra is due to the hooks and eyes.

Corselette / Shaping Cami: 

Shaping Camisole is very comfortable and lightweight underwear with a thin strap. This underwear is intended to soften and reduce excessive swelling in the upper body. Camisole and Corselette are designed to shape the upper body.


Waist Nippers / Belly Nippers / Waist Nippers: 

Dress in shape to draw your belly and make your waist look smaller. It can be modified using sensors and fasteners as well as hooks and eye sockets and may contain water to maintain its shape. It starts below the waist and can extend to the waist or hips. You can wear a well-made waistband on your clothes.

Maternity support: 

These are the underwear that supports the belly of a pregnant woman. It can be worn around the waist or as a belt to wear long pants.

Control panties: 

These are pantyhose to tighten your waist. The wholesale waist trainers make your waist appear slimmer, strengthen your stomach, support your navel, and shapes your hips.


Body briefer/body shape: 


This is a complete body shaper that shapes the overall appearance of your body. This piece of underwear presses your lower back and elevates your chest. It can be extended to the waist. Briefer looks like a one-piece swimsuit. It provides support and shape all over the body.

High cut panty: 

It is a standard French cut panty that is cut high over the legs above the thighs and covers the entire back.

High Waist shorts Shapewear / Thigh Shaper: 

High-waisted shorts shapewear are tight leggings and pants that provide shape and support to the waist and squeeze the hips and thighs.

Lower waist shaper: 

This shape presses the lower back and lower abdomen. It is very suitable to wear under skirts and low rise jeans.

Hip shaper /Hip lifter/ Hip enhancer: 

This is for those who want a smooth curve along the buttocks. With the help of pads, it gives a flawless side shape to the hip curves. The body shaper buttock lifter is especially helpful for people who do not have hip curves.

How to choose the right body Shapewear? 

body Shapewear

You need to test the molds before purchasing. Buy comfortable clothes. Don’t go below your full potential. Of course, this can cause swelling on both sides, and it can be uncomfortable. Strict adherence is important, but overeating can be counter-productive.

Please describe the type of clothing you will be wearing before choosing the body shapewear. If the garment has an exposed waist, then you cannot wear the waist shape. You might also have an open backpack, collar, slit dress, neckline, etc. You need a dress to keep it out of sight. So choose accordingly.

Another consideration is colour. The colour of the underwear should match the colour of the jacket. The colour should not be visible under clothes. You can buy the best quality shapewear from Lover-Beauty at reasonable prices according to your needs.