Technology has played a crucial role in transforming our lives. Think back to the early ’90s when everyone didn’t have cell phones like they do today. Since the late ’90s and early 2000s, we have gone through somewhat of a technological boom. Suddenly the streets have moving picture displays, the TV has become flat, and the internet is now wireless! What would we do if technology didn’t put a mini-computer in our hands? What would we do when we couldn’t contact our loved ones in times of emergency? What would we do if technology hadn’t made us so dependent on it?
It has now become a part of our lives, which we cannot ignore. It has become close to a basic necessity which we need to survive. With technology as it is, businesses are conducted on our electronic gadgets; stocks are purchased and lives are saved with the help of advanced technology.

Our lives have been changed for the better with some of these machines and gadgets. Though some of us may reject them because they take us out of the real world and into a cyber one, we cannot deny the influence which they have in our lives. 

Here are some of the gadgets that changed our lives:

The Vape

More commonly known as the E-cigarette, it has helped millions of people around the world break the habit of smoking. It gives you the nicotine kick, which you need from the cigarette without any of the other harmful effects of tobacco. Since it looks and feels somewhat similar to a cigarette, it has made breaking the habit considerably easier for a lot of people.
There is no surprise that smoking is terrible for your health; therefore, with the help of a vape, you can break the habit for good. Though the Vape in itself isn’t great for your health either, it’s considerably better than the cigarette.

Cell phones

Ah yes, how can a list of gadgets be complete without the handy dandy cell phone? We wouldn’t think of walking out of the house without our smartphones. Modern-day smartphones are what is making life convenient for so many people. Modern-day smartphones do just about everything for us. From tracking our calories to investing in stocks with a simple touch on our cellphones. We genuinely need smartphones in our lives; they make life so much easier. Moreover, with society being fairly unsafe at times, you can count on the aid of your smartphones.

Mp3 player

Though music is primarily stored in our phones, let’s not forget how popular mp3 players were at one time. Does anyone remember the Walkman? That was one of the hottest gadgets in its time. Slip in your favorite disk and listen to the whole album whenever you felt like It. it used to be one of the best mp3 technologies of its time. The early 2000s were when nearly everyone had one. After that, we had the iPod and all its different variations. Though things have changed since now, we do not invest in a designated device for music, but rather store music on our laptops or handhelds. Everything we need is in one device; it makes things considerably easier than having a separate gadget for separate tasks. 

Handheld video games

Though video games are mainly on consoles with state of the art hardware, let’s not forget the time when handheld video games made you the coolest kid on the block. Old Nintendos were way ahead of their time when they first came out. Though they are nowhere near as good as some gaming systems today, they still hold a sentimental value for those who enjoyed them in their childhood.
Though few people use them today, it’s important to remember where it all started. We will never forget the times when a bunch of friends would come over and everyone would play together. Modern gaming consoles should tip their hat to the old handheld devices. After all, they paved the way for gaming as we know it. 


Though some people may not agree with the input which technology has in our society, it’s hard to deny the impact which it has had on our lives for the better. The benefits arguably outweigh the disadvantages of technology. Electronic gadgets of today make life so much easier than they were even ten years ago. In fact, think back ten years ago, do you see how different things would be if we didn’t have advanced gadgets like we do today. Imagine still using those old phones with terrible cameras.

Undoubtedly, technology has transformed our lives, and we should be grateful to the ever-advancing systems that come our way. Many devices and systems we take for granted would have been luxury for people in the past. 

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