Explore the Major Benefits of a Federal Trademark Registration

Are you curious to know the major advantages of federal trademark registration? 

Well! This article is for you because here we will discuss some new things.

 According to the US patent office, a trademark is a word, symbol, name, or device. It is used to separate the things of one seller from others. Not only this, it is used to determine the source of things or services. 

You can say a trademark is a business logo or company name. It has a unique name so that customers can find your business among all others. You can even consult it with the best corporate attorney to learn about the benefits of a Federal registration trademark. 

Why Register Your Business Trademark?

It is up to you if you require to submit an application for trademark registration. We will discuss some important benefits of it later. 

All the registered and pending trademarks are listed in the database. So, it becomes easy for the public to find similar trademarks. Once you register for the trademark, the public can see your goods and services. Not only this, but the public can also see data on application submission and registration dates. 

Legally, if you have the trademark, you can use it for a business loan. This way, you can prove your ownership in federal court if you have a registration license. So you don’t need to provide such proof. 

Benefits of Investing in Federal Trademark Registration:

Must you be wondering to explore the benefits of using trademark registration by the federal government? Explore further to know more about it!

You will Have Trademark ownership:

When an applicant registers with the USPTO, then it provides legal documents related to trademark ownership. A trademark is a valuable product or service that gives many benefits of registration. 

The primary factors that can identify the product or service are company logos or business names. These attain more value and something different from the actual product and service. So, once you get a trademark for your product or company. Then your ownership becomes clearer.

You will Get Notice of Ownership:

After the registration to the federal trademark, you can get two benefits of notifications. So, these can avoid any stress. After registration, your trademark appears on the USPTO database. So, anyone who searches for similar trademarks can see yours. 

Besides, you also need to provide a registration notice to the public. For this, you need to attach the letter “R” with your trademark. By using both ways of notice, you can prevent other companies from stopping using a similar trademark. 

You Will Achieve National Protection:

No matter which state you have registered, you can only use your trademark in that state if you don’t register your trademark. Then you are limited only to the geographic area to which you are entitled. 

So, if you are wondering about growing your business in a large area, it is the time when you need to have a registered trademark. This way, you can get national protection once you have registered. 

International implications:

There are many ways to register for a trademark. But two are more important through which you can get protection internationally. The first method is to prevent the import of similar brand products from offshore producers. 

These are the products that can actively become part of your brand. However, the US authority doesn’t allow the manufacturing and distribution of these products. So, it also doesn’t allow these products to reach customers in the US. 

The second method, according to the USPTO trademark, is to help you to get benefits from many other trademark offices. These are the offices to which you want to register. Besides, it also guarantees you the protection of your trademark according to US law. 

Greater advantages in court cases:

Once you get a registered trademark, you get many advantages in court cases. You can confidently walk and talk in court because you have proof. 

In some cases, it is easy that the court can easily identify your trademark. This way, you have to face many challenges or damages. It happens if there is a loss of business. Besides, you have the right to follow legal damages instead of proving the damages. 

This way, you don’t have much work to do and, your chances of winning the case increase. 

Difference Between a Patent and Trademark:

According to the US patent office, a patent is a property that the government of the US allows to an inventor. So, no one can make, use, sale, or sell this property all over the US. Besides, no one can import this invention all over the US. But it is for a specific period after you have allowed the patent. 

So, it is necessary for the inventor to submit an application to the US office of patent and trademark. He needs to submit the application within one year after the publication of the invention. This way, he can preserve the right to have the US patent. 

While a trademark is a word, symbol, name, or device, it is used to separate the things of one seller from others. Not only this, it is used to determine the source of things or services. However, patents don’t allow others to make or sell a particular product. In contrast, trademarks allow others to use specific words or images to symbolize a product. 

Final Verdict:

Once you register a trademark, it can remain for a long time. So, you can use it in commerce and provide proof that you are still using it. 

The only factor you need to do is to maintain documents and give fees. You have to do this at a specific period. After you have registered a trademark and five years have passed. Then it is the time when you need to maintain documents. 

If you don’t focus on the maintenance of the trademark after this period. Then you have to lose your federal registration. This way, you need to start the application process again!