Find Reliable Used Golf Course Equipment With These Pro Tips

Golf is an expensive game not just because of its large area occupancy and heavily prized playing equipment but its maintenance also contributes to a major role. Maintaining around 70 hectares of land for professional golfers requires a complete fleet of expensive equipment. Grass trimming is not the only task for keeping a golf course in playable condition. You have to invest substantially on different types of powerful equipment like dethatcher, aerator, blower, vacuum cleaner, top dresser and irrigation vehicle. In addition, the labour cost of making use of this equipment is also high. Due to these heavy expenses, golf course management professionals prefer used maintenance equipment to an extent. The demand for used golf course equipment is increasing because of their low price. Just like pre owned car agencies, you can find shops where used equipment for golf courses are also available. They will have used equipment of top brands at an affordable price. However, figuring out reliable equipment among junk is up to your wisdom. We can help with some tips to simplify this task. Just take a look at the points below. 

How to find reliable used golf course maintenance equipment?

1. Licence of selling used equipment

Are they authorized to sell used golf course equipment? If not, search for someone else. Even used equipment is also sold at a huge price. Uncertified sellers cannot be accused for warranty return or replacement concerns. It is advisable to visit their official websites to check necessary certifications. If not available, request them to provide some proofs of legal business. 

2. Do they have equipment of top brands

Toro, Jacobsen, and John Deere are some leading brands selling the best quality golf course equipment worldwide. The seller you are going to approach must have these brands on the list. Equipment showcased on their official websites can reveal a lot about the quality products. Don’t go with the option of inferior brands because their poor design and inefficient engines can ruin the turf instead of maintaining it.

3. year of manufacturing and total working hours

Since how long the equipment was in working condition decides its price. Make sure that the seller is mentioning total working hours with every equipment. Along with this, information about the year of manufacturing is also necessary because a golf course mower older than 5-6 year may be discontinued by the company and finding its spare parts also becomes difficult. 

4. Warranty and authorized service centers

Are you getting warranty on used golf course equipment or not. If not, don’t buy it because these machines can betray you any time. Search for the list of nearest service centers even for post-warranty service convenience. 

5. Spare parts availability 

It would be better if you manage to find a seller also providing spare parts such as reels of mower, top dresser and other attachment accessories. 

With these useful tips, you can easily find a reliable online seller of used golf course equipment. Just make sure that you are choosing an agency approachable to your location for delivery. 

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