Ginger root benefit for hair: A Best Hair Growth Treatment

Ginger root is among the most commonly used spices/herbs over the years. Its properties not only helped it to add flavor in our food but also made it to become an alternative medicine that is now being used in different forms to cure various health issues.

How does ginger regrow hair?

Ginger contain various elements like magnesium,fatty acids , potassium,phosphorous that stimulate blood flow in the scalp which further helps in the following:- 

  • Restoring hair growth
  • Reducing hair loss
  • Works as anti dandruff
  • Restoring moisture in the scalp
  • Makes hair soft and shiny
  • Treats split ends
  • Help in straightening your hair

How can we apply ginger for hair growth ?

There are various ways for application of ginger for our hair, few of them are:

 1. Ginger oil

Ginger Oil contributes to the cleanliness and health of the scalp

These oils are available in the market by different companies and free radicals. It can be used by going through the instructions given by them. It contributes to the cleanliness and health of the scalp, it improves the blood circulation in the scalp which helps in making our hair healthier and smoother,  It also deals with dryness and itchiness in the scalp.

 2. Ginger juice

Ginger Juice conditions your hair which cures dryness and dandruff  by working as an antiseptic and anti inflammatory and promotes hair growth .

It is the purest form of ginger that can be made by yourself at home. It can be just made by bleeding a fresh ginger root and applying over your hair. It can also be consumed by drinking it directly. It conditions your hair which cures dryness and dandruff by working as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that promotes hair growth. It can be mixed up with olive oil to give more impact.

3. Ginger mask 

It is the mask that is made by mixing ginger juice with other essential hair oils. It can be applied to the hair by mixing ginger juice with some other oils like Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Argan Oil, and Jojoba Oil. It is also can be mixed with ginger oil, juice, and essentials and leaves them for approx 30 minutes after covering your hair with the cap. After rinsing for approx 15 minutes. 

Ginger juice can also be mixed with lemon juice and various essential oils gives your scalp a good amount of Vitamin C which helps in strengthening your hair. This will also gives a great impact on your hair by enhancing it

and making them more healthier by improving hair growth.

 4. Ginger supplements 

These supplements are used in place of direct consumption of ginger. They are available in the form of teas, capsules, and tablets and can be consumed directly without putting much effort to get benefited. The dosage of this supplement is totally dependent on the requirement of your body. So, it is recommended that before going for these supplements, you should consult a doctor or any professional expertise before consuming it. The reason behind this is ginger, if the ginger is not taken with the proper recommendation it can lead to various side effects on our body. 


From the tips above, it will help you in regrowth of your hair and make your hair healthier, smoother, and shiny. It is one of the most effective spices that has been used for hair growth tips for thousands of years for not only hair but for various purposes. The commonly used purpose of ginger is for hair care. Wherein different hair problems including damaged hair, dandruff, thin hair, steady hair growth are being resolved.