Know the Benefits of Protected Web Hosting

Before we jump into how dangerous a DDoS attack could be for our hosted websites, let us understand the basics of a DDoS attack. Through that, we can understand how essential it is to have a DDoS protected web hosting for our websites. 

What is a DDoS attack?

A DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attack is one of the many malicious ways to smash the service. They generally attempt to influence the availability of a targeted system like a website to the authentic end users. 

The attackers or hackers create very huge volumes of requests and spam the target system. Especially in DDoS attacks, the hackers make use of a few compromised sources to initiate the attack. They can be segregated in different types and the division is usually based on the layer of the OSI they attack. 

Generally, the DDoS attacks are in the Network Layer, Transport Layer, Presentation Layer, and Application Layer in the Open System Interconnection model or OSI model. 

Now, that we know what a basic DoS attack is, the turn is to know how is it a malicious attack on our websites?

Malicious Attack to Websites

Well, when a DDoS attack is generated, it is an attack that is meant to shut down the systems or the whole network and make it impossible to access it for those who intend on using them. These attacks can accomplish this task by simply flooding the traffic or triggering a crash of the website.

Now that you know how dangerous these attacks can be, you have to protect your website against these kinds of attacks. Naturally, you need to choose a DDoS protected webhosting service that can help you protect against these kinds of attacks. Also, you need to keep DNS Filters on.

What are the benefits of using DDoS Protected Web Hosting Service?

The usual and easy targets for the attackers are the web hosters who do not use protected software for providing their services. The Distributed Denial of Service attacks or simply DDoS attacks are very effective against a web-hosting provider just because they have a huge ground to launch their attacks. 

Also, they are the sites where maximum damage can be caused and hence disrupting the websites of many customers who use those web hosting services. Hence, when you are choosing a web hosting service make sure that they are themselves protected against any kind of DDoS attack. 

So, what are the benefits of having a DDoS protect web-hosting service?

You can be easily differentiated from the rest in the market

Customers crave safety and if you are promising them that, you need to be sure of being a safe web hoster. Any customer generally would not prefer web hosters that have a poor record of rendering services. Hence, buckle up and get an automatic DDoS protection solution. This helps in differentiating yourself from the other web hosting services. 

Understand that this is a very competitive market and since the market is almost saturated, there has been a trend of price erosion. Therefore, to make sure that you are unique and you have your USP, you have to protect your web hosting service from DDoS attacks. 

How does a web hosting service having DDoS protected websites help others?

One major benefit is that you are saving money by being more secure. You are also saving lots of time by not providing extra service to solve the DDoS attacks. This way, you are creating a win-win situation for you and as well as your customers. You are protecting their websites by protecting your own. Also, when you have a steady and trustworthy form of DDoS protection for your web hosting service, it saves a lot of money. 

Any kind of operational cost is also reduced substantially. You need not outsource any third party protection service operator any IT staff for the smooth running of your web hosting servers. Saves you a lot of money that goes into hiring for extra bandwidth. 

Your reputation for Service increased ten-fold! By tenfold, we mean a lot. If you are one of those web hosting service providers who handle all the services with precautions, customers would like it. Apart from that, you can also make some additional revenue by charging a small amount of fee. Otherwise, you can provide this service completely free. 


There are many benefits of having a DDoS protected website hosting. When you have comprehensive protection, then it can automatically detect any kind of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and ensure that only clean traffic enters the website. 

If you are a customer who wants to choose a trusted web hosting services and solutions, then choose the ones that have DDoS protection against their own web-hosting servers and can save your website from any unwanted traffic or attacks.