How Often Should You Replace the Nursing Scrubs?

By wearing scrubs, nurses can be comfortable during their long shifts, which is comprised of many intense moments. This practical yet straightforward uniform also helps identify you as a qualified medical professional. 

Great attention to detail is given while deciding on the appropriate nursing scrubs to be worn during your official shift timings. Your immaculate, clean appearance increases the patient’s trust in your specialized capabilities. 

Nursing scrubs  are usually a combination of a top with pants, both of which must be a comfortable fit. Unlike earlier, when scrubs were primarily white, colored scrubs in blue and green shades are now making their presence felt amongst the medical fraternity. 

The benefit of this shift is immense, as these colors do not show dirt as much as pure white does. It’s your responsibility as a nurse to keep your scrubs clean and tidy, especially while on duty. 

The below-mentioned factors, when taken into consideration, determine how often you need to replace your scrubs:

Work Schedule

When you wear your scrubs full-time, they are likely to get more worn out than when you use them for only a few hours every other day. The latter happens in cases where you are a temporary or part-time employee. Scrubs worn for a significant period at a stretch, need to be washed more often for hygiene purposes. 

As a permanent nurse working an entire day, you need a fresh alternate set of scrubs for each shift you work. With every subsequent wash, your nursing scrubs tend to lose their initial appeal. If you wash your scrubs daily, you will need to replace them at least once in a year, if not more frequently. For temporary nurses, replacing your scrubs every few years will suffice.

The Extent of Exposure to Contaminants 

Surgical nurses are more exposed to bodily fluids, blood, urine, and fecal matter, unlike nurses who are deputed in general wards. In the case of the former, you will need to change into a clean pair of scrubs during your shift itself. 

Your specific line of work dictates the extent of wear and tear your nursing scrubs have to endure. When you are dealing with patients who are low on immunity, and at a higher risk of catching infections, it is imperative, you wash and change your scrubs daily. Consistent washing will compel you to replace your nursing scrub more frequently to retain a clean, professional image.

Quality of Scrubs Purchased

Cheap scrubs worn regularly will wear out much faster as opposed to high-quality scrubs. Scrubs made from inferior material fade more quickly, their stitching comes out, or they tear at the slightest provocation. Every few months, you will need to replace your existing poor-quality scrubs.

Superior nursing scrubs, though expensive, are very durable despite constant use. It is wiser to spend more initially as you will not have to undergo the same exercise every year. Purchase better quality scrubs at the outset, so you only need to replace them every few years since they stay in good shape for longer.  

Use your nursing scrubs only during working hours and, if given a choice, opt for darker shades that camouflage stains.