The So-Deemed “Perfect Nose” is Possible

How many times have you looked at Scarlett Johansson and wished that you had a nose like hers? Lost count of it? 

Well, you are not alone. The majority of the world dreams of having the perfect nose. It is that part of the face; people are most conscious about; unfortunately, it is something that is not in our hands. Besides breathing, there is another very critical role your nose plays in your life. Dr. Haitham Masri explains how the type of nose you have adds to your overall looks and serves as a foundation over which people measure beauty.

A nose is a major contributor in determining human beauty, and it can make a person stand out from the crowd. It is normal for people to lose their confidence if they do not have that “perfect nose.” A perfect nose is one that draws little or no attention to itself. The more unnoticeable a nose is, the better it is for your looks. 

According to cosmetic surgeons, it should be a person’s eye, lips, and cheeks that should draw attention towards them. If it is someone’s nose that grabs the attention of an onlooker’s gaze, it is not a favorable situation. 

The answer to this question is yes. A piece of good news for all those wondering over this is that the so-deemed “perfect nose” is possible. There are varieties of different ways you can improve the look of your nose and get closer to that perfect unnoticeable nose. 

A Nose job

The most obvious way to get rid of an “ugly” or a noticeable nose is cosmetic surgery. Rhinoplasty or a nose job is a surgical way to improve correct a nose to enhance the visual appeal. The right approach is to choose a reliable clinic to provide you with an effective nose corrective procedure. Cosmetic surgeons such as Dr William Mooney of Rhinoplasty Sydney are the ones that you would want to choose. According to experts, the ideal angle of a woman’s nose is 106°, as it can enhance femininity. Everyone has a right to enjoy that perfect nose, and getting a nose job might be the best bet! 

Getting a nose job might seem simple. You pay a visit to the doctor or surgeon; he plans the surgery and then performs it on your face. It requires minimum efforts. However, the step that requires the most effort is when you are choosing a reliable clinic. There are so many factors you need to look at before making such a huge decision.

Nasal Exercises 

For people who do not wish to go under the knife or an extensive surgery to get a beautiful nose can easily incorporate nasal exercises in their everyday life. These exercises and habits can really help you enhance your beauty, gain confidence, and establish strong self-esteem. These three elements are crucial to having a satisfying life, and you can work on all three using these smart and well-thought exercises. 

Reshaping Techniques

Even though Rhinoplasty is the most effective solution to increase your visual appeal, it is not the most affordable option. Other than the high cost, many people are skeptical about the reconstruction of facial construction through surgery. If you are one of those, you can use nose-reshaping techniques that are highly effective. If the size is what you wish to alter, you can regularly practice smiling, followed by pushing off the tip of the nose upwards using the fingers, and exhale deeply. It works wonders for people, especially those that do not have any huge nose construction issues. 

Slimming Techniques

If your nose is too fat, there are some slimming techniques that you can use to counter the problem. By regularly massaging every part of your nose, including the bridge, tip, and the sides, in a circular motion, can help in slimming down your nose. You can do that every day for five minutes, at least, and enjoy amazing results. 

Nose Shortener

A nose too long can ruin the entire visual appeal of a person. If you are not happy with how long your nose is, you can doing the nose-shortened exercise. It is the simplest form of nasal exercise, especially for nose shortening. Press the tip of your nose gently using your index finger and exert downward pressure on it. Exercising is very simple, and doing it regularly can help you reduce the length of your nose. 

Nose Straightener 

Laughing and staying happy does not only improve your blood flow but also helps you improve your facial looks. As the name suggests, a nose straightener is an exercise that addresses the long and droopy noses and bestows upon you the classiest nose.   

Breathing Technique

The most important technique that can help you beautify your face is the breathing is an exercise that does not sag for the future. Inhaling and exhaling are two important elements that pave the way for a healthy and beautiful life. Along with beautifying the nose, breathing techniques can even help you keep your nostrils active. 

Nose Wiggling

Nose wiggling is a form of muscle-building exercise that does not work to reshape the construction of your nose. The exercise works to strengthen the nasal muscles. To use this exercise to improve your looks, you need to wiggle your nose; you keep your face absolutely still. 

These are the most common ways in which you can incorporate the nose problem. if you have a budget and afford an expensive nose job, you can easily opt for Rhinoplasty in Turkey. It is important to keep in mind that your nose is something that should not become a reason why people look at you. 

By improving the construction and structure of your nose, you can make it unnoticeable. Surprisingly, there is no fixed definition of a perfect nose. However, what we do know is that a nose type that lets other people around you notice other facial features, including lips or cheeks. Researchers have invested their time in finding the perfect nose style, but different people have different preferences. It is due to this reason an accurate definition of a perfect nose is not yet declared. 


Remember that you have all the rights in e world to look beautiful. If you think your “ugly” or not-so-perfect nose is something for which you cannot do anything, you are mistaken. Simple exercises and breathing practices can help you look in look in the mirror with self-confidence.