Do you dream of creating talking animations, but you don’t want to train for years? This is where Free Character Creation Software comes in.

I’ve been going crazy for a couple of weeks, googling all the time to find answers that will help me carry out a project that I was entrusted in my new job: creating an animated video and finding out the best and Free Character Creation Software.

There have been so many hours invested in the search, that today I want to tell you what steps I have followed to be able to get ahead so that if at any time you find yourself in the same situation you can have a little more light thanks to my instructions.

Before starting I make a qualification. If you want an original and unique animated video, you’d better hire an expert. If like me, you have no choice but to muddle through, read on!

Why create a talking character?

For many reasons. It can be to create the animated comic you’ve always dreamed of, but this software is also particularly suitable for use on social networks. Everyone knows that videos are an important part of it right now, but no one wants to be in front of the camera. If you create an animated character in your own image or that of your client, he can speak for you. And even if you like to appear on the screen, an animated character with your features is just a little more original. Previously, this technique was both expensive and time-consuming. But today, Character Animator allows you to animate the character you have created in just a few hours.

What tools can I use to create an animated video and Animated Character?

Well, this part has its own because after doing the research in point one, you have to see the pros and cons of all the recommendations to see which one to choose.

Here is my selection:

Tools to create your animation Characters

Mango Animated Character Animation Maker

This is the best free character animation software. It helps in generating the animated character that you can use in your animated video. This software is resources rich that has ready to use characters that you can customize as per your requirement or else, you can also import the PSD or PNG file and use your artwork to bring it into life.

There are several motion libraries of dynamic facial expressions and body movement. Infinite customizations are available so that you can generate the character as per your requirement. You can simply create your character and export it in various formats such as MP4, PNG, or animated GIF. You can also share your artwork directly on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or other similar Social Media Platforms.

Adobe Character Animator and its amazing features

One or two hours is enough to create your first face or animated character. If you are familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, you already have most of the skills required. The majority of movements are controlled by the gestures you make in front of the webcam. Your character can blink and wiggle their eyebrows (if you also do this in front of your webcam).


It allows you to create motion graphics, add different effects and sounds and export it once finished as a video.

It is certainly the 100% recommended option. You have to know, on the one hand, draw in Illustrator or Photoshop, and on the other, animate those graphics that you have previously drawn.

Everything is a matter of posing it as a challenge, I of course, after my frustration with this project; I’m going to start messing with it yes or yes.


Other Adobe software that lets you move vectors. The truth is that recommending it taking into account that most browsers no longer support .swf files has a bit of crime on my part, hehe!

But what am I going to do, I think you can do things very ways with it, and hey, you can always look for alternatives to convert the .swf file into other formats, such as HTML5. Of course, this will not help you if you want to upload it to YouTube.

What are the character strengths’ in terms of branding?

What are the strengths of a character compared to other visual branding elements such as CI and BI? It is a principle story, but if you look at it, you will be able to see the direction to be maintained in using the character as a branding element. The strengths of the character as a branding factor are summarized in the following six points.

  • Applicability: Because it is a visual object that concisely condenses the characteristics of the object, it is easy to apply it to various media.
  • Vitality: When a variety of contents including animation are created based on characters, it can give a feeling of a living creature.
  • Expressiveness: The characteristics of the brand and The story can be reflected in appearance, or expressed in action or tone (easy for storytelling).
  • Intimacy: Because it is an anthropomorphic content, it is easier to empathize than other contents, and this makes it easier to communicate with customers.
  • Attention: Richer than other contents Easily conspicuous and memorable due to the image and strong personality
  • Expandability: It can be extended in various forms and can be used continuously

Characters with such a variety of advantages have long been used in the traditional mass media advertising market including TV in the past. However, as new media and network platforms develop along with the popularization of mobile, the way consumers accept and consume characters is also changing more widely. Along with this change of the times, we will think about what direction the public’s thoughts and tastes consuming characters will be heading.

Some applications bite you and spit out you “2D”. It is possible to create your own character and make it the main actor in your animation videos.

It is no longer an average character who presents your product, highlights your services or delivers its training secrets. But you yourself, in 2D form.

From one or two photos of you, I model you in 2D and fully animate you!

It takes a long time to create a 2D character. You must first create the entire character. We draw several profiles, with several expressions. The more this stage will be well done and well developed, and the next one will promise a wide variety of possibilities.

This step is the animation itself: you have to create a skeleton and adapt it to your 2D modelling, otherwise, you may be well-drawn, but you will remain inert flat.

The advantage of creating several profiles (face, 3/4, side and back) is that you can simply turn the character on itself. No more animations in which the character and face, even while walking …

You will understand, there, we go into another dimension of animation and communication. It’s more personalized, more personal, more precise, and above all very effective.

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