How to Make the most of Online Couple Therapy

The spread of the coronavirus has seen an increase close to most physical counseling centers. While there is a need to curb the spread of the virus, the need for marriage counselling and therapy is still alive. It has even gone with families facing unprecedented times. From social distancing to staying at home all the time, the family unit is facing more challenges than ever before. 

To help you manage the situation, several therapists have ventured online. Here are some of the ways to make the most out of the online couple therapy sessions; 

Timing is Essential 

Taking the program from home has a way of messing with people’s time plan. You don’t feel like you should be preparing early enough only for the session time to arrive, and you don’t even know where your gadget is.

Like starting at the right time, you also have to maintain the session duration. A typical counseling session should not exceed 2 hours. Humans tend to have a shorter concentration span. After 2 hours, you won’t concentrate enough and likely to make misjudgments. 

Be Ready to Follow the Therapist Directions

Like in any other session, your therapist is the sole controller in the online sessions. They guide you on when to speak and the rules of the engagement. Only take up online therapy when you have what it takes to listen to the therapist.

Do Not Record the sessions. 

From time to time, either one of you might be itching to record the sessions. Either for future reference or as leverage towards the partner. Whatever the case, do not record. The sessions should be confidential, and recording goes against the rule. You also tend not to concentrate as you believe you have resources for reference.

Again, if the sessions are worthwhile, you won’t need evidence against your partner for any other thing whatsoever. 

Both Partners Must be Willing Participants 

A willing partner an active engagement is one of the common mantras when it comes to online therapy. Only start your sessions if you are sure both the parties are for it. Discuss between you the need for counseling and how to go about it. You must also both be confident of the online counselor and timing. No session can ever be useful as long as a party feels forced into the program.


Online therapy sessions require proper preparation. Unlike the physical set up where the therapist organizes almost everything, online sessions need you to be responsible. Ensure that you have a reliable internet connection before starting. Prepare comfortable seats of the same height for both parties. You also must rid your room from any distractions and noise. Without preparation, you are likely to miss a lot from the session. 

Bottom Line 

Online therapy has become the rescue for the family unit amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The success of the online therapy sessions depends on your preparation and willingness to comply and participate. Use these tips to get the most out of the online couple therapy.

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