How to Prepare for A Swimming Race

The nervous feeling experienced by swimmers at the start of any swimming race season is a normal thing, and can even feel tenser in case the competitor is new in the competition. This condition can in many ways affect the individual’s performance, and hence if not well contained it can lead to underperformance. This condition is scientifically proven to happen to both beginners and those who have been in the practice for a long, and how one handles it matters a lot in the outcome performance. To help counter this anxiety, the competitor needs to put in position well worked out preparation scheme that would see them remain timid enough to compete favorably. Some of the best preparations a swimmer can adhere to before the swimming race are as discussed below.

1. Pack your swimming kit bag the day before

The weirdest thing that you would want to do on the morning of the competition, is to try and pack your swimming kit bag in a rush. This will only increase the anxiety and even make you not carry all that you require for the competition. It is recommendable that you pack it the day before the competition, and you first come up with a checklist of the requirements you need for the competition. Early packing of the swimming kit bag before the day of competition reminds you to buy swimwear that is best for the competition. It will as well help you to save on time.

2. Prepare your sports diet in advance

The diet for the entire competition duration should be well schemed and appropriate arrangements made before the day of the competition. This helps to avoid the panics that might arise as a result of inadequacy. The diet should not be made different from the one that was in operation during the training time. The use of food in the body should be considered much, for instance, carbohydrates and proteins should be given priority for the sake of energy and body fitness.

3. Arrive early and familiarize yourself with the schedule of the day

The importance of arriving early at the scene of the competition helps one to familiarize with the environment and develop a calmness. Familiarizing with the schedule of the day helps to avoid confusion and save time, particularly on the occasions where you would be competing in more than one event.

4. Set time for regular warm-ups

The warm-ups help keep the body in a competition mode as well as physiologically fit for the competition. Set aside some 15- 20mins for the stretch-ups, and the stretch-ups should not be different from the ones that were practiced. The warm-ups as well help to lower the chances of getting muscle pulls during the actual competition.

5. Erase negative thoughts and have fun

Erasing negative thoughts means getting out of the fear of losing in the competition, and this can be done by listening to your favorite song from your MP3 Player or iPod. The technique of breathing in and out can also help ease the anxiety and get you ready to have fun and win the race with much ease.

Earlier preparation is important for you to succeed in any completion. Ensuring that you earlier buy a swimwear kit and get prepared for the competition will get you ahead of someone who never prepared much.

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