How to Stay Motivated as a Freelancer

Have you felt a lack of motivation sneak in as of late? You know, that feeling when you don’t feel like doing anything? 

As a freelancer who is excited about everything, you might be being hard on yourself for feeling this way. 

But it’s important to cut yourself some slack. We all go through periods when we don’t feel driven to do what we typically love to do. 

Instead of allowing yourself to fall deeper into the lack of motivation abyss, it’s time to sink or swim! It may take some effort, but you can get your mojo back. 

And we know just what needs to happen so you can get back in the saddle. Here are five ways to regain motivation and get back to doing what you’re born to do. 

1. Remind Yourself Why You Started Freelancing

Think of why you started freelancing in the first place. 

Did you start freelancing to forge your own path and be in control of your finances? Or maybe you started freelancing because you wanted the flexibility to work at home. 

Remind yourself of the many perks of freelancing. That should help put everything into perspective. 

Also, instead of focusing on what’s keeping you from being productive, push forward. It would help if you concentrate on being your best self, and the rest will follow. 

2. Make a List of Successful Freelancers 

Another idea is to create a list of successful freelancers. Reading about their accomplishments will undoubtedly spring you into action.

If you want to become a successful freelancer yourself, you have to start somewhere. Looking over your list should push you in the right direction. 

Here are a few successful freelancers to glean inspiration from and put on your list: 

  • Mariane Pearl – A former French journalist, reporter, and columnist 
  • Joe Hill – American author and comic book writer 
  • Jimmy Page – A freelance guitarist who founded the band Led Zeppelin
  • IliseBenun – Marketing consultant, and online educator at Marketing Mentor
  • Michelle Schroeder – Freelance strategy consultant and personal finance blogger of Making Sense of Cents 

3. Listen to Some Upbeat Music 

To stay focused, try switching up your music. Playing music doesn’t work for every freelancer because it’s easy to get distracted. 

But if you’re one of those who can work while listening to music, give it a shot! 

Even if music distracts you, try listening to instrumental or classical music instead. That way, you won’t find yourself singing along to a catchy tune. 

A lot of people tend to like listening to music because it gets them in the zone

If you have to listen to music with lyrics, you may sing along. After a while, though, it should become background noise that’ll keep you focused.

4. Switch Up Your Routine 

If you’ve been sticking to the same routine for a long time, you should try switching it up! 

Sometimes something as simple as changing your work hours can help you get motivated. 

So if you’re used to working for one client in the morning, try doing your tasks for them in the evening. Unless a client prefers you to be around at a particular time, switching up how you’re doing things could help a lot. 

Getting slightly off-topic, say you have a client that wants you to work specific hours. If you have a client like that, remind them that freelancers don’t have to work set hours. Yet, you need to deliver timely work and be dependable. 

Communicate with your clients daily. Doing this will show them you’re focused on providing them with your best work. 

So make a point to check in with them often to build trust. If you’re both communicating well, you’ll be eager to do an excellent job for them. 

With a new routine and great clients, you’re bound to see things through fresh eyes. Moving forward, change your schedule once in a while to prevent boredom from setting in. 

5. Take Time Away 

The reason you’re not motivated could be because you’re overworked. If you’ve been putting in long hours without taking any breaks, no wonder you don’t feel like working! 

Do yourself a favor and get away, even if it’s only for a day. Doing something besides working provides the perfect relief. 

The next time you get slammed with work, don’t forget to add in some self-care. Head to the spa, go on a walk, or call a friend and catch up. 

Without self-care, you can get burned out. If you’re so overbooked, it’s overwhelming you, eventually, you may not feel like working at all. 

In Conclusion 

It’s hard to feel motivated to work 24/7, but you now have some tips on what to do next time that feeling strikes. 

If you’ve been hard on yourself for not giving your 100% effort to your freelance work, change that. 

You know how to get motivated again, so give yourself a boost. Motivation will ensue, and you’ll get back in the groove in no time at all. 

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