Important Things that You Should Know about the Laser Scar Reduction Treatment

In the current times, many dermatologists have started performing laser scar reduction treatment in order to reduce the scar appearance which will then reduce the pain and itching. The laser treatment helps in accelerating the growth of new and healthy skin. While scars cannot be entirely healed by laser therapy, it can make them less visible and painful. There are many types of scars like acne scars, surgical scars, and many more for which you can consider going for laser scar reduction in Santa Monica. Today, in this article we will take you through how this entire procedure of laser treatment works and many more associated things. So, let us begin now!

How will Laser Scar Reduction Treatment Help with Scars?

The laser rays emitted will penetrate deep into the outer skin layer which will then accelerate the growth of new healthy skin cells. It removes the old dead layers of skin so that the new skin cells are formed. In effect, the laser procedures produce a new scar in place of an existing one. However, this new skin will mature more evenly than the scar. Usually, the scar formation is a body response to the injury. They are not harmful but do not look pleasing aesthetically. This is why people often choose to get scar reduction treatment. 

There are plenty of lasers that the specialist use for laser scar reduction in Santa Monica. Some of them are non-ablative which means that they retain the skin surface properly and only affect the beneath layers. Few others can be the ablative laser which means that the top layer of skin is removed. To make sure that you are given the appropriate laser therapy, the doctors firstly diagnose the scar carefully.

Steps to Prepare Yourself for the Laser Scar Reduction

Doctors may require that certain steps should be taken by the patient in advance of the treatment to ensure that it is as efficient and secure as possible. This may include: 

  • Do not take the products which contain glycolic acid or retinoid for at least 2-4 weeks before you got your appointment.
  • Refrain from going through any cosmetic procedure such as chemical peels, waxing, or collagen injection.
  • Medications and extracts that increase the likelihood of bleeding should be stopped. Aspirin and NSAIDs such as ibuprofen, as well as herbal supplements such as garlic and Ginkgo Biloba should be stopped immediately. You must inform your doctor about the medicines that you take regularly.
  • Whenever you are planning to take up the laser scar reduction in Santa Monica, always remember that you cannot expose yourself to the UV rays. If there is a person who has a tan or sunburn, then doctors will not be able to use laser treatment.
  • The patient should prevent the use of face creams, moisturizers, perfumes, or any other items on the day of the operation that may interfere with the laser therapy. Often, the skin should be clear.
  • A doctor would normally recommend wearing something that is simple to take off and put on, such as a comfortable button up top and loose-fitting trousers, depending on the area of the body that needs care.

Hope that until now you must have known a lot about the entire procedure of laser scar reduction in Santa Monica. If you are also planning to visit the dermatologist to get any of your acne or surgical scar removed, then you can get in touch with the experts at Westside Face. They promise to help you in the best way and will certainly get the best results that you must be expecting with their treatment.