Purchasing A Bespoke Champagne Diamond Ring

If you are thinking about proposing to that special person in your life, then to truly make a statement, you may wish to consider having a custom-made engagement or wedding ring created using champagne diamonds. The process is simple to create a bespoke handmade ring, and the first that you will need to do us is find a reputable jeweler who has the skills to make your unique ring by hand. 

Finding A Reputable Jeweller

There are not as many jewellers who create handmade jewellery as you may think, as a lot of it is mass-produced in a factory in Asia, or other parts of the world. You will need to do some research before committing to use the services of any jewellers. 

You will want to see which ones in your local area offer this service. Look at their online reputation, which can tell you a lot of the service that a company provides for its customers. While looking for a jeweller, you may want to check out those handmade champagne diamond engagement rings for sale for inspiration. These pieces are not as common as you may think, an excellent reason to choose this sort of jewellery when you have found a reputable jeweller.

Creating The Design

Once you have found the jeweller of your choice, you will then need to speak to them about the requirements that you have. If you do not know the exact ring size that is required, it is best to ensure that the ring will be too big, as it is much simpler making a ring smaller than increasing its size. You will also need to decide on how many champagne diamonds you want, and what type of cut they should be, as well as selecting the precious metal to use. 

Once you have decided on what you want and the aesthetics of the ring, you will then be able to get an accurate price for it, which may shock you. You can often find that there is not a lot of difference in the cost of custom-made rings when compared to mass-produced ones. As such, it is usually better economics to choose a bespoke ring. You also have the benefit of creating something as unique as the person that will be wearing it.

Time To Wait

Once everything has been decided – the style and design, the champagne diamonds and their cut, and the precious metals to use – you will then need to wait for the ring to be created. It can usually take between four and six weeks for a bespoke ring to be complete, and before the creation of the piece starts, you will usually need to pay a 50% deposit. The remaining balance is then due once the bespoke ring is completed and you are ready to pick it up.

Something They Will Love

If your partner has not been included in the design process for the ring, and it is going to be a surprise, finding a unique way to propose is an excellent way to surprise them. You can get plenty of fantastic proposal ideas on the internet, and once your beloved sees the ring, she is sure to say yes. 

Please do not choose a boring off-the-shelf design when selecting a ring for your future wife. Show her how special she is and offer her a unique design that will blow her socks off.