Planning to write a story in Hindi? Here’s what young India is interested in.

Writing stories has always been one of the most challenging kinds of professionals in the industry. It is not only about writing a simple Hindi story altogether. That is because; the writer has to understand the current requirements of their audience without compromising his thoughts and expressions. It is tough to balance out one’s emotions and ideas according to the wishes of the audience as a whole. But such scenarios change when the author can decipher what kind of writing is going to penetrate the intricate layers of the type as well as the heart of the audience.  

without contradicting the current trending topics in the market. 

What does the young Indian generation want?

One cannot go on writing on such topics which aren’t essential or trending in the current situation. People like to hear and read about feelings and thoughts more than recent affairs as they tend to relate to such topics more than regular stressful issues. Hence, in case an author wants to understand the requirements of his readers, he might consider the option of looking into the personal needs of the readers.

However, the requirements of a story also change based on the general age group of the audience. In the case of the younger generation of this country, there is a vast genre to explore. The younger generation is fearless and more robust than we can think about. They believe in love as well as breakups and heartbreaks. They want to taste success as well as failures. They want to know more about their future but not at the expense of their current life.

Hence, if an author focuses on writing a story meant solely for these young adults, then he/she might consider the above factors. Also, this generation happens to be the digitalized one, which makes it quite natural that they would love to invest their time in something which would be available on their phone. So, whether it is a motivational story In Hindi or a nonveg story in Hindi, it must be available on the internet for their reference. 

There has been the availability of e-books and audible stories on the internet platform for quite some time now. Hence, no wonder that this generation is more into studying or even reading the books of their favorite authors using the digital platform. Apart from these factors, there are certain kinds of stories in which this generation might be interested:

Inspirational Stories in Hindi

One of the first things that this generation or rather, every individual needs in their lives, is motivation. We all love to read speeches of successful people across the globe. It helps us to retain faith in ourselves and believe that we can succeed even during hard times. Many times, people fight both in the exterior world as well as with themselves, and such battles require motivation and inspiration from other people. Such moral stories in Hindi help these people to continue their struggles with positivity and encourage them to keep on fighting for their future.

Short stories

Short stories

We all need to accept how busy we are in our daily lives. No wonder we do not get ample time to look after ourselves or even our beloved ones. In such busy schedules, seldom do we get the chance to read novels and series. Although people do read such books, nowadays, short stories happen to be trending in the market.

People love to read those stories which have neat storylines without much complexity and can relive the stories without any hassles. Such a small story in Hindi and tales are preferred for short films and movies too. Hence, if the aspiring author wants to pen down their thoughts and other topics, they might consider it in preparing a short story for the audience.

Short stories

Thrillers and horror stories

Another vast genre that we prefer to read in our free time includes horror and thrillers. People love to experience the bone-chilling stories of all time and relive the horrifying events through the layers of these short tales. Even the demand for these stories is so vast that the leading filmmakers prefer to transform these tales from storybooks into the silver screen. Also, these stories are a great way to keep stressed feelings at bay. Many new moral stories in Hindi also have thrilling aspects to them which make it a perfect blend of inspiration as well as thrillers.

Desi Hindi Story

Another genre is the one that includes the real-life stories of the countryside of India. The local languages have a significant impact on our culture, and we have to hear stories from all different sectors of the country. The desi stories reflect on the daily lives and activities of the people of this country, their struggles, and their achievements in detail. 

Also, such a new Hindi story helps the younger generation to understand the cultures of different parts of the country along with diversity. Along with these, such stories provide us with life lessons and help us to know how life tends to examine the strengths of people around us. We love to hear such a story in Hindi mein to get the essence of the culture in our mother tongue.

Apart from these, the younger generation likes to hear or read stories with logic and realistic endings. We understand life isn’t full of love and happiness only. Instead, it is a blend of both good and bad times. That is why we can connect to the real-life experiences of the authors rather than the unrealistic ones. 

Also, the children love to hear bedtime stories in Hindi as these stories create a perfect environment of dreams and morals for them. Such stories are also important as they help us to believe in the good times and motivate us to dream of a better future.