Puffed Rice – Baby Friendly and Tasty Diet Food

Diet food manufacturers knows the value of premium quality diet snacks and thus, they are promoting their best quality range of puffed rice and other products to give people healthy options to munch on. Here, they are explaining the major health benefits of eating puffed rice in all age groups. 

There are lesser snack options available in the market that are great in taste and provide low amount of calories. Puffed rice is among such diet cereals that are lower in calories. For instance, a cup of puffed rice has 56 calories. So, if you are looking for weight loss, and crave for something crunchy, you can have these rice puffs instantly. Though, you cannot lose your extra pounds overnight, but eating puffed rice can add a bit help to your efforts. 

Puffed rice are made from white rice and don’t provide any major health benefit. The bran layer is removed from the white rice along with the germ. The manufacturers of white rice don’t bother about the nutrients found in unpolished rice and remove the brown top layer to prepare white rice. The endosperm left in the end contains carbohydrates with some traces of B vitamins. The making of puffed rice further lowers the count of nutrients of this grain by destroying the heat-sensitive nutrients. 

However, there are manufacturing units that add iron and other vitamins and minerals to their puffed rice to make them somewhat nutritious food. So, this means fortified puffed rice can give you some essential nutrients like iron, B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium. It may also contain limited amount of sodium that can help in regulating your blood pressure. 

Diet food manufacturers prepare fortified puffed rice that can provide these following health benefits –

Improve bone health 

Bone health issues are commonly found in aged people and women above 35 years old. You can prevent bone health issues by having puffed rice every day since the food is a stock of vitamins. It is a great source of vitamin D, vitamin B2, and vitamin B1. Moreover, puffed rice contains calcium, which is good for maintaining bone health. 

Fix constipation 

Puffed rice, fortified or non-fortified, are rich in fiber. If you deal with constipation every other day, include puffed rice in your diet and see the change. Puffed rice contains a helpful bacteria that soften your stool and fix constipation.

Regulate blood pressure

In case you or anyone in your family has blood pressure problem, puffed rice can be a saviour. It has some amount of sodium that can regulate your blood pressure. Even if there is any heart patient at your home, puffed rice is a solid food snack for the person. 

Helpful in controlling PCOS 

PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome disease that affects woman’s harmon level. Women with PCOS suffer from irregular periods, hair growth on their body and face, acne, weight gain, baldness, and darken skin. If you are also suffering from PCOS, you can control it by having a bowl of puffed rice every day. For extra taste, you may add some onions and tomatoes and some salt and pepper. 

Brown Puffed Rice VS White Puffed Rice

Puffed brown rice is more nutritious as compared to white puffed rice. Although, both the products are not considered as protein diet and you cannot feel full for longer after having a bowl of puffed rice snacks. 

Brown rice has a significant amount of minerals like manganese, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous along with B vitamins. Suppliers producing puffs from brown rice keep up the promise of delivering nutrient rich snacks. 

Whatever type of puffed rice you eat, it still offers some amount of fiber content. 100 gm of puffed rice have 90 gm of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates removes dullness from body and releases energy. This means when you eat puffed rice, you will feel energetic since it acts like a fuel to your body. 

How to include puffed rice in your regular diet?

There are several recipes you can try with puffed rice. Confectioners and bakers are using them as crunchy ingredient in their sweets. Let’s learn the tastiest ways to include puffed rice in your diet-

  • Puffed rice or murmura can be eaten as chaat

You just need to add some chopped green chillies, onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves and few drops of lemon. Your murmurachaat is ready to eat. 

  • Caramel puffed rice

Take a pan and dry roast your murmura or puffed rice well. Add jaggery or powder sugar and coat them well on low flame. Jaggery will melt on low flame and caramel texture will appear. 

  • Puffed rice chocolate 

You can double boil the dark chocolate and add puffed rice to it. Make sure puffed rice get coated well. Now pour the mix in the silicon tray or normal ice tray. If you are using ice tray, grease it first. Refrigerate the mix for 2-3 hours and enjoy your dark puffed rice chocolate. 

You can get puffed rice in bulk from diet food supplier in your local area. For smaller quantities, local stores are best to visit.