SEO analysis: 3 tools to use right away!

SEO analysis brings together all the techniques aimed at improving notoriety and visibility on the internet as well as ranking in search engines. When it comes to acquisition, Google indexes pages and processes Internet users’ requests.

This is also why Google has become an immeasurable player in terms of marketing strategy and SEO analysis. Safari Agency Brisbane notes that for any professional with a website, SEO tools are becoming more and more important. They will allow you to check whether the searches relating to the activity of your site generate traffic or not.

This is how digital marketing carried out by the various tools integrates the marketing strategy, because it will optimize the content of the site to increase the audience. Find in this article the 3 tools to use without hesitation!

What are the SEO analysis tools used for?

When using competitive queries, it is not always easy to get precise and clear results. If you want more business opportunities with your website and generate more leads, you need to master SEO analysis tools. The majority of marketers consider this to be an element that produces more impacts on lead generation. And to be sure that your site is compatible with Google, you need to do regular SEO analyzes.

The parameters to be taken into account on the functioning of search engines are often complex. By providing yourself with the right SEO Service analysis tools, you will be able to have an overview of your performance and what levers to set in motion.

The 5 SEO analysis tools to integrate:

1) Webmaster tools

Also called “Google Search Console”, Webmaster tools is a specialized tool for publishers who discount the SEO optimization of their website. By exploring the pages and carefully analyzing the relevance of the keywords, it goes through many SEO parameters.

What’s the point?

With Webmaster Tools, you can easily track the indexing of your site and URLs in the search engine. A URL should always be clear and short and describe the central idea of ​​the page by indicating its position. Also, this tool provides a good deal of information regarding the security of your site.

By installing this Google service, you will have access to a dashboard relating the essential information on the site worked. Thus, in the event of crawling errors, all you have to do is illustrate the volume of requests and indicate them on the indexed pages.

Specific features

Webmaster tools include in its functionalities a section used to explore data and provide information on the problems on your site to record the content. And when your robot cannot access a page or a directory, you will be automatically alerted.

There is also another section that removes the Google index from search results, especially when robots have indexed a page that is not sufficiently relevant and whose content is not optimized. And vice versa, you can index pages when you recently put new content online.

2) MozRank

The contents must be qualitative but the links also. At a time when the links are preponderant, it is always necessary to make sure that they point correctly to your site and that they are of good quality. MozRank offers you a perfect free tool for moving to a quick analysis of your domain authority and pages. With its scoring system, you can acquire easily see your level and those of your competitors.


MozRank is the free tool and adapts easily thanks to its chrome plugin. You can know the DA of each page at a glance. With its services and sections, even in the beta version, you can analyze your content and readjust it according to the needs of your customers and take a better position on Google.

3) SnippetOptimizer

SnippetOptimizer is a web page on which you can write your meta-title and your meta-description. If you want to see metadata in real-time on a specific page, you have chosen the right tool. Thus, you will be able to properly write the descriptions and give them a compelling title to display them in Google search results.

When we talk about SEO, we always refer to SnippetOptimizer. It is a simple and complete tool to configure “rich snippets”. It, therefore, gives you a general overview of the options you have chosen such as the author, date, price, rating, or even the words of your meta-description.