The Harry Potter movies, ordered from worst to best:

Harry Potter trivia movies are available on streaming on Netflix and HBO, we order the films of the Harry Potter saga (including ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’) from worst to best for you to do the marathon more Magical with criteria. We are not including all the movies but with the help of Harry Potter trivia questions and answers websites, you can know about all the movies playtamil is the best platform to watch the all movie.

5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005).

The potterophiles will never stop discussing whether the best novel is the fourth or the immediately previous one, but one thing is clear: ‘Chalice’ is the most complete, a real banquet where absolutely all the ingredients that makes the saga unique (dragons! Crazy sports! Young dead!) Are used generously. 

The film (only directed by Mike Newell) had no choice but to be spectacular, although sometimes it seems a mere Reader’s Digest of the original. However, he knows very well where to cut and where to expand, especially in a Christmas Dance animated by no less than Jarvis Cocker, Jonny Greenwood, and Steve Mackey. Adolescence was this: rock, hormonal storms, first heartbreak, first kiss … and first casualty in the great war against the Dark Lord.

4. Part 1 

Or how Yates and Kloves made their tunic, transforming the first half of a novel that only traced the flight halfway into the most atypical film and, also, most suggestive of the entire franchise. 

In essence, there are three teenagers roaming the forest and giving blind sticks in their attempt to prevent the absolute extinction of all their loved ones. 

The fact that they are renegades from Hogwarts makes this first part almost an indie drama about discarded at the edge of maturity. The protagonist trio was up to the challenge (carrying the film in tow), causing internal fractures in what had been a holy trinity since Year 1 really hurt us. In addition, unlike other franchises, and despite the epilogue’s cliffhanger,

3. Part 2 

He was about to fall into the hands of Steven Spielberg before Rowling shouted in the sky with his plans to hire American actors. His first choice was Terry Gilliam, but Warner considered him too risky. In the end, he had to settle for a specially fit Chris Columbus, which is not a small thing. 

The director put good use to his previous experience with children on set, put into action an impeccable taste for details and, in short, a language was invented for the family blockbuster of the new millennium. Of course, he was not alone: the best professionals in the British film industry joined in a colossal effort. The result speaks for itself: they made an exuberant literary universe a reality.

2. Part 3

The dream of every commercial cinema spectator: the Film-Climax, where each scene is a catharsis and every second is dedicated to the action, perpetual movement, drama and absolute pleasure of the whole audience. 

The Battle of Hogwarts is a sensational tour de force, but you have to be made of stone to not know that the important thing here is emotions, never explosions. 

Alan Rickman could interpret, after eleven years, the scene Rowling promised him before he accepted the role, while Daniel Radcliffe was incredibly moving on his slow road to death, surrounded by his loved ones, knowing himself loved (and, by so much more immortal than Voldemort could ever be).

1. Part 4

There is nothing in this movie that doesn’t work. From the macro to the micro everything rhymes in ‘Azkaban’, perhaps the delivery that better hold multiple viewings. 

Of course, the good thing is in the book: built around a spin that really works, it is Rowling’s first step towards more complex mythology, with the sins of the past playing a real weight in the present. 

And what about time travel? Like the icing on a cake that never ceases to give you more and more, to reveal new layers of meaning. Fun and deep in equal parts, ‘Azkaban’ caught lightning in a bottle. And we are not going to get tired of loving her for it.

It is not something concrete, but a special touch that soaks every plane. Cuarón was the most imaginative director the franchise ever had: all his visual decisions shine with his own light.