Top 5 Watches For College Students and Young Professionals

Being a college student is not easy, there is a lot of things in school that need to be done right away and at the same time working for a part-time job to sustain your financial needs. Same with being a young professional, you are starting to work your way up to the corporate ladder and to do that you need to have perseverance, motivation, and inspiration.

That is why you need also to have a perfect watch as your partner for your daily battles. Buying the right watch for your daily battles can be very confusing since there are a lot of types and brands of watches in the market right now. But you don’t need to worry since it will be explained here about the perfect watch for students and young professionals.

Omega Speedmaster Reduced

An affordable and smaller compared to other Speedmaster series but still maintained its premium quality and luxury. The Omega Speedmaster Reduced is perfect for young professionals who wanted to give a statement. The design itself is very close to the Speedmaster professional but you don’t need to confuse yourself since they are not the same.

The Omega Speedmaster reduced was first released in 1988 with a body size of 39mm which is a lot smaller compared to its other series. You can get a two-tone steel, stainless steel, and a solid yellow gold with a bracelet and leather option straps. This specific watch is perfect for people who are still starting in an industry.

Longines Conquest Classic Chronograph

Classic and Luxurious type of a watch, the Conquest Classic Chronograph has a very simple and straightforward design with its polished all-steel body case from the steel bracelet and silver dial. You can pick a two-tone steel or pink gold case, an 18k pink gold, and a version of black dial and all of them are 41mm in size.

Cartier Tank Solo

An affordable luxury watch that you can buy right now. The Tank Solo was designed by Louis Cartier and took the idea of the design from WWI that its why it has a rectangular shape. Perfect for fashionistas because of its style and rose gold stainless-steel body case combined with a premium leather strap.

Bulova Moonwatch

If you are dreaming of having a moon watch without spending a lot, then this watch is perfect for you. The Bulova Moonwatch is also one of the few watches who tried to travel on the moon. This watch was used by Commander David Scott with his Apollo 15 crew in 1971. Although the watch itself is a bit outdated but it has a history that surpasses its competition.

Seiko Prospex

Prospex watch made by a famous Japanese brand company which is the Seiko Holdings Corporation. Right from the get-go, you can be sure that this watch has a premium built quality and durable. This watch was mainly for divers since it can go down 300 meters below sea level which is far more than its competitor’s capability. 

The secret of this extraordinary feature is that the case was designed in a one-piece structure that makes it more durable even against the heavy pressure of the ocean. But of course, not everyone will be wearing this watch diving into the deep ocean but at least you know what this watch can do. 


A watch is just a normal timepiece for people to know the right time but it is also a statement and pride. It can help build your self-esteem to meet new people, especially in the corporate industry. Same as being a student, it will add your confidence and give motivation. Wearing the right watch that meets your lifestyle is very important for you to succeed in your career.