Top Bridal Makeup Ideas from Bold To No-Makeup Wedding Look

Wedding makeup

Don’t you want to look beautiful? The answer is, everybody wants that and when it comes to the wedding day, and any person wants to look the most beautiful. As all the planning of the wedding, finding the best makeup artist is also necessary who will help you out to deal with all the worries that you have about your wedding look.

But believe me; it’s not easy to find a person who can give you a perfect look for the wedding. Because last month, I had a bad experience at the time of finding a top makeup artist in goa They all have their dates booked as they are best. So, I will suggest that if you are going to get married, then firstly find a suitable makeup artist for you as soon as possible and yes, don’t forget to engage their date for your special day!!!!

Before reserving their dates, just make sure that they know about all the latest drifts of makeup or not? Because I am sure that you don’t want to have some ordinary makeup look on your extra special day.

Like every other industry, the makeup industry also got so many changes in makeup trends. You should be aware of the elementary pre-requisites that will help you to choose the right makeup artists for you. Below are given the 5 trends for wedding makeup that can be considered by you if you are getting nuptial-

Latest Makeup Drifts for Wedding to Look Out

We have brought out some trendy wedding makeup looks that will give you an extraordinary appearance. From simple to glittery, these are the most fashionable makeup looks ever that will help you to choose your wedding look.  

1. Bold Wedding Makeup For Audacious Brides

There are many brides out there, who have planned many things for her wedding and bold makeup look is one of them. As they are not shy by having this kind of look at her wedding. If you are one of them, then you can go with glittery and bright eye makeup with the soft color on lips or if you have made up your mind to go extra bold, then you can try deep pink or red lip color instead of muted one.

2. No-Makeup Wedding Look With Glowing Skin

If you are fond of natural makeup, then you can try this. It will give you a perfect look with minimalist makeup and products. But for this, you have to be a little extra careful with your skin like regular tone, scrub, and moistness.

Follow the advice of your makeup artists and get the flawless look like never before!!

3. Modern Look For Cocktail

Tired of a heavy makeup look?? Then go with this one!! This makeup look will give you a modern touch for your after-wedding function or cocktail party. It goes with mostly big and bold eyes along with the erotic pout that is covered with the striking highlighter and flawless contour.

You can try this look as it will perfectly go with western attire rather than an Indian one!!!  

4. Traditional Makeup Look For A Classy Bride

Some kinds of look never get faded!! Isn’t it?? If we talk about traditional wedding makeup, it is a combination of matching bright lips and eye shadow that perfectly goes with the floral bun.

If you are a girl who wants a proper Indian bride look, then go with this traditional look without any second thought!!! It will make you a classy beauty with a touch of Indian culture.

5. Simple Makeup Look With Heavy Jewelry And Lehenga

If you are thinking of having a simple wedding look then nothing can be better than this. This look is a perfect pick for the brides who are going to wear heavy lehenga and lots of jewelry on their wedding day; at least you can keep your makeup light and simple!!

Today, lots of makeup is no more a symbol of beauty. It will just make you a decorated piece that is standing next to the groom. Do you want to be the one?? No, then don’t. Apply the least makeup with grace and you will see how everyone is admiring you!!!