What Makes Electric Motorcycles Have such Amazing Speeds?

Being fast and furious, it’s the primary reason most riders enjoy riding motorbikes; feeling the air blow through your air as you cruise through the city is priceless.  There’s nothing like accelerating to the speed of 150 mph with a simple throttle twist. As a result, several electric motorbike producers today aim to create the fastest, most reliable, and easiest-to-ride bikes.

The speed of an electric motorcycle is dependent on several factors, such as weight, battery, and capacity. However, the charging technology, the expected rider experience, and even road conditions also play a major role. Electric motorcycles can generally travel between 25 mph to 40 mph; however, they can reach higher speeds with greater speed capabilities. 

In this article, we will highlight the special features of electric motors that make them have such amazing speeds.

What Exactly Makes Electric Motorcycles Fast?

It’s not shocking news that speed is one of the perks of having any vehicle. The electric motor achieves great speeds because of several reasons. 

Below are a few of them:

1. Engine Power:

An electric motorcycle produces power through its engine. It is often expressed in power units such as kilowatt, metric horsepower, or horsepower. With the efficiency an electric bike gives you, its engine can accelerate and reach high speeds in no time.

2. Engine Torque:

Engine torque determines the force available to move your bike’s wheels. This torque helps harness your electric motorcycle’s engine’s weight, torque, size, and other specifications to provide the expected propulsion force. With the higher engine torque that an electric engine gives you, you can propel the motorcycle faster through an off-road course or climb mountains easily.

3. Battery Capacity:

Its battery capacity heavily influences the speed limits your motorcycle can attain; this varies greatly amongst electric vehicles. The smallest electric motorcycles have a capacity of 2kWh and a range of roughly 30 town miles, while the larger versions have a capacity of up to 14.4kWh and a range of up to 140 town miles.

4. Weight:

The lighter the electric motorcycle, the faster it goes. One should look out for a major specification when choosing an electric motorcycle. If you are a speed enthusiast, you definitely have no business with heavy motorcycles.

Electric motorcycles you see sailing through the wind in the city harness all these features and provide awesome qualities. How does Tromox exploit all these features to produce the best?

Why Are the Features of the Tromox Ukko S That Enhance Its Speed?

At Tromox, we have several top-notch qualities that improve and enhance the speed of our motorcycles. Let’s take a quick look at them:

Impressive battery capacity and lifespan 

A high-quality battery is the most important element for any bike. Our Tromox Ukko S has an impressive 72V 45Ah lithium-ion battery with an aluminum casing, making it airtight.

When you charge your battery for about an hour, you can get about 160km of fun riding. That’s enough to get you around town or to work, even if you’re riding in traffic. What more? It means you can take joyrides with your lover more often.

The batteries have five years of durability, one of the best in the market. This battery also has safety features like over-discharge/charging protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature protection. You don’t need to be worried about it running out while you drive; our monitor has got you covered.

Quick-Charge Technology 

Tromox developed its quick charge technology that can charge the battery to 80% within an hour to meet various usage scenarios. Time-wastage common in electric bikes due to charge time is minimized. With a faster charging system, you are sure of an effective boost to give the best speed values when you start moving.

Intelligent mobility and Sensitive braking mechanism

Tromox Ukko S motorcycle brand is the best for its intelligent mobility and safety measures. You can perform automatic power off after braking without any further complicated action. Despite desiring very awesome speeds, you must be sure your electric motor will stop when needed. Tromox’s super-sensitive brakes respond to your command to prevent danger when needed.

Ergonomic Sitting Posture Design

The bike is designed with a comfortable sitting posture, making it easier for riders to adjust their seating position, which improves their endurance and performance. This ensures that during high speeds, you don’t lose your balance.

Light-Weight Design

The lightweight design of the Tromox Ukko S electric bike makes it a great option for all weather. It has a low center of balance as well as a small size. The seamless chain drive feature gives you greater control over your movement. With us, you can ride on bumpy terrain without worrying about the bike falling apart or over.

Multiple speed modes

Tromox Ukko S has multiple speed modes like energy-saving, regular, and sport that can fulfill the needs of different groups of people and different cycle situations. This ensures that your motorcycle can regulate its speed to ensure you don’t run out of power too soon.

As you can see, the Tromox brand is very conscious about user experience, efficiency, and speed. Would you like to know more about us and our products? Read on. 

Tromox: The Brand That Helps You Drive Safe and Fast

Electric motorcycles are very quiet but a thing of beauty to ride. Tromox brings motorcycle brands to you at their best. We offer the best set of bike features with an infusion of aesthetics and technology. How do we do this, you ask?

Our electric motorcycles for sale is one of the safest out there. Our effective Lithium engine provides an amazing burst of energy to get you started. However, the shape and ergonomic design help improve the braking system.

 Do you have any questions about electric motorcycles? We can help you out with that immediately. Would you like to experience what our motorcycles feel like? Why not apply for our test ride? Reach out now and let us know how we can help you.