Close your eyes for a second and describe what comes to your mind when you hear the word “shapewear”. You might imagine being able to slim down and smooth your figure underneath the tight and light fabrics of warm weather. But, what are you supposed to wear in winter if you still want to look fabulous even in a cold climate?

Should you even worry about what shapewear to wear during the colder months? I mean, winter is the season of layers and chunky sweaters. And the answer is yes!


In winter, you might often opt for outfits made complete with chunky sweaters and scarves, as well as boots and lots of layers of clothes. However, there needs to be somewhere underneath all these clothes. The point is that regardless of which season you are in, creating a curvy and smooth foundation is the key to a great outfit. Shapewear can enhance your style in so many ways, even in the winter months. Shapewear can also motivate you to get in shape for summer.

Keep reading this article if you want to discover what shapewear you should be wearing this winter.

1) Everyday Shaping: Shaping Panties

In your wardrobe, you should have a collection of shaping panties on hand for all the year-round. Since you are going to wear panties anyway, why not using them to enhance and slim your figure? What makes shaping panties so impressive is that they are so versatile and can be used with almost all outfits. 

Most shaping panties are designed to have a high waistband. This feature keeps your belly and love handles tucked in. When you are wearing shaping panties, you don’t need to worry anymore about seeing a muffin top with your pants and skirts.

Shaping Panties

Some shaping panties can also be helpful if you want to boost the beauty of your body’s figure. More recent models of shaping panties combine robust tummy control with curved seams. They are also usually come with an elastic in the bottom area of the shaper. Such models end up create a natural rear rounding effect without any padding. We don’t have doubts when saying that this type of shapewear is perfect to be worn underneath your winter dresses and skirts. It will help you to look rounder even underneath thicker fabrics.

2) Extra Leg Shaping Power: Thigh Slimmers

It’s true that in winter, you can hide the shape of your legs. But that doesn’t mean that you should hide it all winter long. You can take advantage of the winter months to wear tighter shirts and pants. In this way, you will be able to show off your figure even when you are wearing bulky sweaters and tops.

Thigh slimming shapewear helps to keep your thighs and hips under control. You can then wear pants, skirts, and dresses without worrying about any bumps showing underneath your clothes. The shapewear from Sayfut can slim your figure more than you would ever imagine. 

All-Over Shapers

3) Formal Attire: All-Over Shapers

Winter is the season of holiday parties, galas, and weddings. That’s when wearing shapewear is a must. You can also choose other shaping options for formal attire so that they will sculpt your figure in winter. They will also make your appearance even more stunning. 

If you are wearing a cocktail dress or a skirt suit, you can try using one of the types of shapewear products offered by Sayfut. Take, for example, the Women High Waist Tummy Control Butt Lifter Panty from Sayfut. This piece of shapewear is a no-fuss way to create a smooth silhouette that will make it easy for you to slip on easily and show off your dress. Once you start wearing shapewear, you will never be able to go without it!