How to design a good-looking website?


Hundreds of thousands of brands now have amazing websites ready to give you a run for your money. You may prefer to find a good web design company to design your website for you. If you are based in Manchester, check out this amazing Manchester-based web design agency. However, if you want to design the website yourself, you need to know some essential principles, tips, and step-by-step instructions and guides to make the website one-of-a-kind. Web design firms are important to design a good looking website.

With this post, you will not only learn about how to design a unique website but also find out how to buckle down your platform. 

How to Design a Good-looking Website

Designing a fantastic website isn’t a piece of cake, especially if you aren’t a world-class designer. What breaks or makes a web design is a secret known to a few designers. With the following principles and tips, you should be able to make a visually pleasing design that appeals to your audience

Like the weight, your website design must be a balance. It would help if you were sure that one part of the website is not larger than the other. Web designers need to achieve asymmetry or symmetry by ensuring that the design does not tip to one side. It would be best if you were careful with the way you lay things out on the website, so you don’t make your website look unbalanced so quickly. By removing or adding some elements, using the color and size, you can effortlessly manipulate the visual weight of your website design. 

Another essential principle of creating a good-looking website is that you shouldn’t pick over three base colors for your design. Colors go a long way in determining if your website design will look unappealing or sleek. Therefore, you need to be sure of the types of colors you are combining, as some colors don’t work well together. For instance, you can’t change the base red on one website to lime green since they don’t belong to the same color palette. You need to carefully consider the tone and the targeted audience before you go for any color combo. Most of the time, what you sell or the service you offer is portrayed by the colors. There are also different kinds of color scheme styles you can choose from. You can choose to design your website with the monochromatic style, which focuses on tints and shades of a single color or achromatic style, which has a black and white color. 

Besides, you can never go wrong with a website with structured graphics. Even though you don’t really need to have fancy graphics on your website, neither do you have to make your website less appealing. Instead, try to make the graphics go well together. Like the color and layout of the website, the graphics also send some important messages to your audience. Yaron Schoen uses only a handful of graphics on his website, Brooklyn Beta, but done uniquely and exceptionally. Aside from the non-intrusive background image, the designer also used a sophisticated diagram on the website. At a view, you might see the graphics as none impressive, but it is well structured, which is what you need on your platform. 

The tips and principles for designing a good-looking website including but not limited to the ones discussed in the post. But with these ideas, the website design can overtake the wind out of your sails.