Here is Why Contact Lenses Should Be Your First Choice For Sports Over Spectacles

Whether you like wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses – Your choice of visual aid depends mostly on your lifestyle, convenience, comfort, aesthetics, and budget. While glasses are the most common form of vision correction aid, they also are inconvenient, and hard to manage, especially if you have an active lifestyle and enjoy sports or recreational activities. Whereas, with contact lens, you have the convenience of not having to carry something with you all the time, along with the added benefit of enjoying peripheral vision. 

Like everything else, when it comes to deciding between glasses and contact lens, keep in mind that one is not certainly better than the other as each has its advantages in terms of vision, handiness, and eye health. But in case, you have been using spectacles, and it causes complications while playing sports or performing high-dynamic activities, wearing contact lenses should be your first choice. Read below to find out what advantages contact lens offer over spectacles.

Advantages of Wearing Contact Lenses over Spectacles for SportActivities

Contact lenses offer various advantages over spectacles. Firstly, since contact lens sit right on your eyes, you get unobstructed peripheral vision. While wearing contact lenses, you can take part in sports and other outdoor activities with no fear of your spectacles falling off or getting lost, or being broken. 

What’s more? With the different types of colored contact lenses that are available for occasional wear, you can even change the color of your eyes. Compared to prescription eyeglasses, wearing contact lenses offer several advantages, such as: 

1. Better Peripheral Vision

Wearing contact lenses enables you to enjoy a complete field of view, as compared to any other form of vision correction aid. While playing sports, it is crucial to have excellent peripheral vision as you need to be aware of your surroundings. Yes, you will find sporty spectacles with large-wraparound frames, but due to their shape and sturdiness, spectacles limit peripheral vision significantly. 

So, why limit yourself with eyeglasses when you can get a better peripheral view and vision acuity by wearing contact lens? With contact lens, you don’t have any frames that are blocking or distorting your sight, so you can see and react to everything that happens around you more easily. And now, you don’t need to even wait for your contact lenses as you can now order Contact Lenses next day shipping from online shops.

2. No Disruptions and Distractions

When it comes to regular prescription eyeglasses, the lenses often fog up and accumulate dust or sweat, which can act as a distraction while playing sports. On the other hand, wearing contact lenses does not create such issues as they work as a part of your eyes and feel natural. The daily care keeps the contact lens surface clean for the day and doesn’t bother you while you are in action. Additionally, as compared to eyeglass, wearing contact lenses for your sports activities limits your chances of facing any eye injury. If you take on a hard hit, or fall, glasses can break and lead to eye injuries, but contact lenses won’t.

3. Better Depth Perception

While wearing spectacles, sometimes it can be challenging to judge distance accurately due to the thickness of eyeglass lenses (higher powers) and the range of the objects from the eye. Depth perception is a crucial skill when it comes to sports such as golf, cricket, tennis, archery, basketball, and almost every other physical activity. Whereas, contact lens have an ultra-thin design and offer exceptional visual acuity as they rest directly on your eyes. So, wearing contact lenses gives you improved depth perception.

4. Improved Vision Stability

When you wear spectacles, you may feel the frames move a little with every stride you take In case you get it tightly fitted it will leave marks on your nose and may not be comfortable. Similarly, if you enjoy sports that require you to run a lot, eyeglasses can be a disturbance as they can fall off any second. But if you are wearing contact lenses, you don’t need to worry that your contacts might fall off as they are inside your eyes. Moreover, for sports that need protective gear such as helmets, contact lenses make the right choice as they won’t interfere with the comfort or fit of the safety equipment. 

Choose The Best Contact Lenses

Thanks to innovations and advancements in the field of contact lens technologies, almost everyone can wear contact lenses these days, including those who wear prescription glasses. Especially for those who like staying active, and enjoy sports or recreational activities, contact lenses seem to be the best option as managing eyeglasses can be troublesome while participating in activities that demand high physical involvement. 

Remember, before you make any decision about wearing contact lens, or switching to contacts from eyeglasses, first, you need to consult with an eye care professional to understand your requirements better.

Furthermore, you also need to diligently follow the wear and care routine and instructions as prescribed by your eye care professional to avoid any eye complications. You also need to make sure that you purchase the best contact lenses from reputable brands like Bausch+Lomb which offers various types of contact lenses that provide superior vision and comfort. Now that you know the advantages that contact lens provide over spectacles for sports, you can now make the most of your active lifestyle with ease!