Your Detailed Guide to Choosing the Ideal Car: Top Factors, Types of Cars, and More

Nowadays, choosing the best car can be confusing, especially since there are more models available. You can select from various body styles and features, with each body style and feature catering to different people and their lifestyles. But you have to determine a suitable style for you to decide on which vehicle to buy. Aside from this, it pays to have a good idea of the top factors to consider. So without any further ado, here’s your detailed guide to choosing the ideal car: top factors, types of cars, and more.

 The top factors you should remember when thinking of your ideal car 

  • Your budget – it should include your budget not just for monthly payments but also for insurance, fuel, and repairs/maintenance. 
  • Will you go for a used vehicle or a new vehicle? Your decision will also depend on your budget.
  • What is the purpose of your car? Do you need it for work, family, adventures, road trips, and so on? Knowing its purpose from the start will help you decide on your options because you can then already think about fuel efficiency, reliability, features, and maintenance.
  • Should you choose performance over practicality? Would you need a strong and robust engine or plenty of room inside or in the trunk? 
  • What are the different features you would like? Is it entertainment, climate control, safety technology? Make a list of your non-negotiable features and take it from there.
  • Do you have small kids who will also ride in the car? You may need LATCH seating for toddlers and babies, too.
  • Will the vehicle fit in your driveway or garage? A larger vehicle may not fit if you have a small or regular-sized driveway or garage, but something too small and compact may not be big enough for a growing brood. 

The types of cars available

It pays to know the types of cars now available because you can more easily choose one that suits your requirements. Here’s a look at some of the most popular car types, which are all offered at respected dealers like

The sedan 

The sedan is an all-around, traditional body type, and it has several purposes. There are also sub-categories of sedans, including the executive sedan, the hatchback, and the wagon. The executive model is the most luxurious and comfortable. The hatchback is a form of the executive style but with more focus on economy and practicality. The wagon has an elongated body for more enormous trunks and extra seating.

The crossover or SUV 

The crossover or SUV is another popular style, particularly in the US. This type of vehicle often has an excellent safety rating coupled with loads of space and huge trunks. They’re immensely comfortable and great for families, although they don’t often come with excellent fuel economy. Renault wheel hubs are suitable for SUVs.

The coupe

The coupe is a different variation of the traditional three-box style. It does away with two doors, with some models that don’t have any rear seating, either. Sports cars are standard coupes, and even if their size is smaller and they aren’t as practical as sedans, they can be more expensive. You can opt for a convertible – a variation of the coupe –  known for its fun factor with a roof you can lower.