10 Factors To Consider While Gifting Flowers To Your Dear Ones

Gifting Flowers

One of the most beautiful things to surprise someone with our flower bouquets. While other gifts might be judged based on their utility, flowers are bound to bring a smile and turn the day from boring to bright.

So, if you are considering gifting flowers to someone special, rather than going for a bouquet straight away, understand certain factors to help you make your gift a lot more meaningful and beautiful. Here is a short guide on gifting flowers. Read on:

1. Pick Their Favourite Flower

Know your dear one’s favourite flower before offering one as a gift. Also, there could be certain flowers they could be allergic to. So, pick a bouquet only after having a certain level of inkling regarding the choice.

2. Don’t Ignore The Packaging

It’s not just the flowers that count, but the packaging makes a huge difference to the presentation. There are different types of flower packaging designs like sisal, jute mesh and fibre, lace, felt, and so forth. However, the simplest design is girdling the stem with wide satin ribbons for a raw and cute look. You may also ask the florist to use two or three packaging types.

3. Keep It Fragrant

The first thing a person does after receiving the flowers is to whiff it. So, make sure you go for fragrant and fresh flowers whose petals have not worn off. Certain flowers like sunflowers, dahlias do not have fragrance. There are various fragrance oils and bouquets that the florist can use.

4. Pin Up A Note

A small note or a card tagged along with the bouquet makes a sweet gesture. You can keep the message short and sweet or pay a compliment through the note that remains as cherishable as the flowers.

5. Customize It With More Gifts

If you want to pamper your dear ones yet more, you can club the flowers with some more gifts, say a teddy or a box of chocolates. You can choose various gift combos online that will help you with ample choices.

6. Try Unique Bouquets

Have you been gifting flower bouquets quite much? Try something new and surprise your favourite person with a chocolate bouquet or a teddy bouquet. You can go for a room full of bouquets or gift a gold plated rose in a case and even more to make your expression grander.

7. Understand Flower Meanings

It’s not just the bouquet that counts. You must understand the meaning of each flower type and the significance of number and colour of flowers before gifting; else you might drift from your message while gifting flowers. For instance, ten roses mean ‘You are perfect’ while white striped carnations symbolize the regret of one-sided love.

8. Don’t Limit It To Occasions

Flowers are not meant to be limited to the occasion. You can make any mundane day of your dear ones happy and beautiful with a surprise of a flower bouquet. Go for a bouquet of mixed flowers and surprise them with doorstep delivery. This is bound to make them smile.

9. Avoid Excessive Foliage

Make sure your bouquet does not have unnecessary fillers and consists of more flowers than foliage. Foliage kills the beauty and fragrance and often degrades faster than the usual flower bouquet. You can ask your florist to mix your central flower with other smaller flowers as fillers to balance the strong and subtle fragrance.

With these tips in mind, you are bound to make a strong impact with your gift. Happy gifting!