Is It Okay To Straighten Your Hair Once A Week?

Daily straightening of your hair is not recommended. However, straightening your hair once in a week is unlikely to cause any long-term damage to your hair. It is generally suggested that heat styling should not be done more than once a week.  Straightening your hair one a week reduces overexposure to heat that causes hair damage.

Overuse of hair straighteners can be damaging to your hair. To ensure that your hair remains healthy, here are some precautionary measures you should take before straightening your hair even if you are doing it only once in a week.

1. Don’t Use a Hair Straightener On Wet Hair

Using a flat iron to straighten wet hair increases the chances of damaging it. It causes frizz and breakage of hair. Natural hair should always be washed, shampooed, conditioned, and allowed to be utterly air-dry before it is straightened. Straightening hair that is dirty cooks the oil and dirt in the hair.

By straightening your hair once in a week; it prevents your hair from becoming dehydrated, causing excessive dryness and brittleness at the ends of your strands. It also prevents extreme split ends since your hair is not exposed to heat often. Here is the guide you may follow to stop hair breakage.

2. Use A Hair Straightener with an Adjustable Temperature Control

Even if you are straightening your hair only once in a week, using too high heat will lead to dryness and damage to your hair. It is advisable to use a hair straightener that has adjustable temperature control. It will help you control the amount of heat that is best for your hair needs. Using too much heat will burn and damage your hair.

3. Use A Special Heat Protectant

Use a unique heat protectant while straightening your hair to prevent hair burn and damage. The heat protectant also boosts your hair shine doing away with the annoying frizz. Apply the heat protectant before straightening your hair for maximum effectiveness.

Final Verdict

These are some of the measures that you can take to prevent long-term hair damage even if you straighten your hair once in a week. Going for a few days without heat can do magic to your hair. It minimizes heat damage and gives your tresses a period to rest from any thermal styling.

It also helps your hair to recover from the effects of heat. Your hair is not at risk of severe breakage and heat damage if you only straighten it once in a week. In general, the less the direct heat is applied to your hair, the better the health of your hair.