6 Ways to Detox After a Rough Work Week

For many people, their job is one of the main sources of stress. This is especially true if you also have a big family and constantly need to balance between your professional and private life. Sometimes, all the stress can become overwhelming. This is why it’s essential to find some way to relax after a rough work week and simply detox from all the stress. To help you do that, here are a few ideas you should consider.

Ignore your phone

Many of us have trouble putting our phone down, especially if we use it for our job. However, after your work hours, there’s no reason for you to be available. So, resist the temptation to check your phone when you’re relaxing – feel free to forget it in another room, turn off your phone data, turn the notifications off, or simply ignore it. This would allow you to focus on something else, regardless of what it is, instead of constantly being reminded of work and all the stress that comes with it.

Spend time with your loved ones

One of the best ways to detox from a stressful week at work is to spend some quality time with your loved ones. You can eat out with your significant other, or you can stay in and organize a movie night. If you have kids, you can go to the park and have fun together. You can also go out with your friends, go shopping together, or just have a drink and catch up. No matter whom you choose to spend your time with, as long as you have fun, it’s a great way of getting your mind off the stress and reminding yourself of all the good things in your life.

Spend time alone

If your job includes a lot of interaction with other people, you might prefer your detox to include none at all. Spending time alone can be a huge energy boost as well, since it allows you to reflect on your week, organize your thoughts, and just enjoy the silence. So, you can enjoy a nice bubble bath before bedtime, and you can even create a soothing ambiance by using charming scented tealight candles, which you can easily order online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Additionally, you can also read your favorite book or play some music, as these activities are perfect for escaping your stressful routine and recharging your batteries.

Check your priorities

If you often end up bringing your work home even after the work hours, it might be the time to reconsider your priorities. Sure, earning some extra money can be helpful, but eventually, you might start to value your mental health just a bit more than the extra money. So, think about your priorities in life, and adjust your habits in a way that would help you relieve some stress. This might take some time to do properly, especially if it implies saying no to people who are used to hearing yes from you. However, as soon as you learn to set some boundaries, you’re bound to feel much better about your lifestyle.


Using your time off for traveling might be a great way to clear your mind, re-evaluate your life, and get inspired to make some changes. You don’t have to go far either – even visiting a nearby town or traveling to the countryside can be enough for you to get some rest. It’s not so much about where you go as much as it is about having a change of scenery, exploring, and experiencing a different atmosphere.


This suggestion might sound like a cliché, as exercising seems to be a tip for every problem. However, it really can be helpful. It’s one of the best ways to channel your negative energy into something healthy that can benefit you in more ways than one. Additionally, exercising doesn’t necessarily require you to hit the gym every day – you can also choose cycling, dancing, swimming, yoga, or any other kind of exercise. Essentially, it’s about being physically active by doing something you actually enjoy. So, think about what you’d like to do, and sign up for it today.

In this day and age, escaping stress entirely is pretty much impossible. However, you should never allow it to affect your health. With that in mind, you should always have something that can help you de-stress after an exhausting week at work. So, consider the listed ideas, think about what you’d like to do, and make some changes to your weekly routine.