7 Best Things To Do In California

California is truly a place of dreams adorned with spectacular coastline, idyllic farmlands, vibrant multicultural cities, bustling shopping malls, and expansive deserts. The stunning landscapes and urban sophistication of this American state beckon visitors from all over the world.

Tourists and natives flock to San Francisco for gourmet dining, shopping, sightseeing, etc. Santa Barbara and San Diego are perfect for enjoying a day on the golden sand beaches. Los Angeles attracts visitors with Hollywood glamour and Southern California’s scenic beauty.

Thus, this golden state known for Disney attractions and serene ocean views has so much to offer. From chic little towns, expeditions, and delicious cuisine to satiating your shopping desire, the state has something for everyone.

Below are the seven best things you must put into your bucket list while visiting California-

Luxury Shopping In The Malls Of California

Shopping is no less than an art form in California. Whether you want to sample fresh produce or indulge in designer outfits, the state offers a unique shopping experience to all. California houses some of the largest outlets, high-end shopping districts, and malls in the country, such as Santa Cruz, State Street, Orange County, Los Angeles County, and many more.

Don’t forget to visit The Grove, the most famous outdoor shopping mall in Los Angeles. It is the best place to spot celebrities in LA too! You can check out the popular Farmers Market and Sprinkles Cupcake here. Go through the list of the best shopping malls in California to release your inner fashionista.

Enjoy Incredible Views From Vista Point, San Francisco

Vista Point is located on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Vista Point is truly a worthy effort to see the awe-inspiring views over an iconic engineering achievement and the bay of San Francisco. It is easily accessible via car or by foot over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Visit Monterey And Carmel

It is a 17-mile long drive along the Pacific coastline in Monterey and Carmel. You are going to cherish this romantic adventure in California. While you’ll have to pay a few for driving between the Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach, biking and walking are free. Carmel-by-the-sea is one of the most towns in California.

Chinatown, San Francisco

Chinatown is San Francisco’s most vibrant community. Whether you are on an expedition to find the perfect dumpling or an evening stroll, you are sure to get lost in the lively shops, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. lining Chinatown’s hills. Visit the Hang Ah Tea Room, the oldest dim sum house of America.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame At LA

If you are into pop culture and movies, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the Los Angeles staple and a must-visit for you. As it is bursting with tourists at all times of the years, be ready for large crowds, street performers, and people in Hollywood costumes.

Head To Kogi Korean BBQ

If you are in Los Angeles, head to the Kogi Korean, a fleet of four food trucks known for the fusion of Mexican and Korean food. You might have also heard about their locations and offerings on YouTube or Twitter. Kogi has managed to become a Los Angeles institution famous for its kimchi quesadillas within a year.

Explore Alcatraz Island, San Francisco

It is the coolest thing to do in San Francisco. Alcatraz was once a military prison and a federal penitentiary, and now it is the most visited tourist destination. You can choose to go on a self-guided tour, join a tour group, or an NPS staff program offered by the volunteers throughout the day. You’ll enjoy it!