Lip Augmentation Chicago Style, Your Questions Answered

When it comes to lip augmentation Chicago is awash with clinics and beauty salons that offer a range of treatments that can give you the plump and glossy lips which you have always wanted. Many of you have been asking about this topic in particular and so we spoke to a couple of beauticians here in Chi-town to find out the answers to those burning questions which so many of you have had. Without further ado then, here are the solutions and the answers to your most frequently asked questions with regards to lip augmentation. 

Which is the Most Natural Filler?

There is a wide range of products on the market and of course, what the majority of you are looking for is a filler which will give you a really natural look. At the moment the best filler for this purpose that is out there is a temporary hyaluronic acid (HA) filler. This is a sugar derivative that actually has the ability to be able to hold a thousand times its own weight in water. That is why this is perfect for hydrating skins and for filling the lips. 

How Much Do They Cost?

There is a really broad range in costs when it comes to fillers and that depends on the products used and where you get it done. Generally speaking the price will range from around $500 to $2000. If you get it done at a reputable clinic in a pricy ZIP code then you can certainly expend it to cost something more towards the higher end of that price range. 

How Long Do The Effects Last?

Depending on what kind of fillers you get and what kind of metabolism you have, the lip fillers can last anywhere between 6 months and 3 years. During this time you can have additional fillers added in order to lengthen the effects and before you have the injections this will be explained to you in terms of how you will approach the caring of your lips. 

Do They Hurt?

In terms of the pain you may feel when the injections are done, it is no more than a small prick and a touch of discomfort. If you do wish the doctor can add a small amount of nerve block to the area which will numb the lips so that you do not feel anything. If you have sensitive lips then certainly opt for this. 

Are They Dangerous?

Fillers are only dangerous if you use a clinic that isn’t certified or if the product is not in date and to the highest standard. This is why you should always look to use the best doctor that is out there, to avoid having any reactions or any problems once the lips have been filled. This is a far safer procedure than it once was and as long as you have done your research you will be absolutely fine. 

Any more questions feel free to get in touch in the comments section below. 

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